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Letter from the President

Dear ImageTrend Community:

Part of our work at ImageTrend has always been about asking the right questions. How can we make people’s lives better and easier? What can we build to help our clients achieve their goals? But the most important question for us to ask has always been, simply, “Why?”

As always, 2013 brought us a year of challenges and opportunities, each of which we faced with the question of why foremost in our minds. Throughout our fifteen years of business, we have always found that the most important aspect is understanding why we do what we do. Each challenge and opportunity we face, while focused on our why, helps us to become a stronger, more dedicated and more successful community.

ImageTrend was founded in 1998 with a mission of building a better world through technological innovation and a vision of what is possible; that is the lens through which we view our everyday goals and the why behind each decision we make. In 2013, building a better world meant big steps forward in helping our customers meet their billing needs through our new Billing Bridge product; it meant carefully selecting projects that would provide the most value to our clients; it meant continuing our dedication to helping our clients with a world-class support team.

As we step forward into the new year, we see exciting possibilities and some wonderful projects reaching our clients. We are so excited to share these new solutions, some of which have been in the works for months or even years! With our continued focus on serving our community better, you can look for great things from us.

The new features, tools and products that we are looking forward to address the needs, goals and dreams of the future. Our focus is on new and improved standards, integrations between related systems and markets to increase access to vital data, and shared information helping our clients see the big picture of what they do. We are already seeing shared outcomes data among hospitals and EMS services, in-depth visual analysis of everything from fire ignition factors to applicants for a job, and clients who are able to improve their operations due to easy access to their key performance indicators.

The future is here and now, and ImageTrend is proud to be a part of it. To our community—clients, partners, employees—thank you for helping us build a better world and making the impossible possible.

Best regards,
Michael J. McBrady
ImageTrend, Inc.
January 2014


Mission, Values, Vision

Your Vision is Our Passion

Our mission at ImageTrend is to create a better world through technical innovation and a vision of what is possible. We achieve this goal by starting slow, working small and planning long term while visioning big.

We believe ImageTrend succeeds by helping our customers and business partners succeed and attain their goals. The success of any individual employee is tied to the success of the group and the success of the group requires every individual to succeed professionally and personally.

Above all, we believe in our dreams.

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