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ePCR for iPad®, Android, and More

  • Advanced functionality on a variety of mobile devices
  • NEMSIS compliant
  • Customizable template layouts
  • Streamlined data entry for reduced training requirements
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Multi-device Capable

multi device iconWith Field Bridge Xpress, services have access to fast, easy-to-use ePCR software on more devices than ever, including:

  • iPad 2 and newer
  • Android 4.0 and newer
  • Windows 7 and newer*
  • Mac*

* Requires compatible browser, available as a free download. See system requirements for details.

Secure, NEMSIS Compliant Data

icon-lg-lock.pngWith Field Bridge Xpress™, you can be confident that you data is always protected. Our systems ensure the highest security on all levels with data encrypted locally and transmitted by a secure connection. The NEMSIS Gold Compliant data set makes the information truly useful for aggregate reporting, billing or transfer to Hospital Hub. No other ePCR combines functionality, mobility and security like ImageTrend’s Field Bridge Xpress.


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Apple, Mac and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Google and Android are trademarks of Google Inc. ImageTrend, Field Bridge Xpress, EMS Field Bridge, EMS Service Bridge and Rescue Bridge are trademarks of ImageTrend, Inc.

Field Bridge Xpress™ is the only ePCR solution that offers advanced functionality on a variety of mobile devices like Apple iPad and Google Android tablets. Your data is uploaded via secure methods in a NEMSIS compliant format, allowing advanced reporting and analysis. Customizable template layouts, using EMS Service Bridge™ or Rescue Bridge™, allow services to emulate existing paper forms and streamline data entry for reduced training requirements. Expand your available arsenal for data collection with the full line of Field Bridge products.

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