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Hire Faster with Onboarding Forms and Integrated Hiring Tools

Online Onboarding Forms

Rather than worrying about completing and filing paper forms when applicants are hired, use HireTouch™ to complete forms online where they will be automatically sent to the applicant’s file in the HireTouch system.

Integration with 3rd Party Background Checks and Payroll

Background checks, HRIS/Payroll and more can be done through HireTouch integrations with providers such as Trak-1 Technology and Verified Credentials. Place orders online with the click of a button and forms will automatically be sent to an applicant’s online file.

360 Degree Performance Evaluation Forms

Our HireTouch360 Performance Evaluation forms can be completed online and stored with an employee’s file for current or future reference.

Download printable versions of ImageTrend's HireTouch product literature here.

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