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ImageTrend Elite

Webinar-based education to help you make the most of your system.

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ImageTrend provides a wide variety of educational offerings to help you get the most out of your system.

Quickly improve and expand your ImageTrend Elite skill set through implementation-focused webinars. Registration for all currently available webinars is below. Our education programs are designed to give you the tools to master the software and, more importantly, how to put it to work within your organization.

Note: When you finish registering for a webinar, you will see a confirmation page with the option to add the event to your calendar. If your organization's spam filter frequently catches emails that you might want, we recommend that you use the link to add the event to your calendar immediately. The calendar invite will have the login information for the webinar in case your confirmation email gets caught in your spam filter.

To attend, you will need access to a computer with an Internet connection, speakers or headphones and (optionally for implementation webinars) a microphone.

ImageTrend Elite Implementation Webinars

Looking to expand your existing Elite system by setting up a new module? Even if you have been collecting EMS and fire data successfully for months or years, your agency might be able to find significant benefits by getting started with another module that is already built into your Elite system. These free group implementation webinars will help users who have a system that is already set up for EMS and/or fire data collection to set up and begin using additional Elite modules. In addition to providing education on how to set up and use these modules, an ImageTrend implementation coordinator will provide feedback, best practices information and answer questions about how these modules could work for your system.

The details for each webinar below include prerequisites for both permissions and knowledge that are required in order for you to understand the content in these webinars and to be successful in your system's implementation. Review the dates, description, prerequisite and signup information for an implementation webinar below.

Implementing the Checklist Module

Join us for a beginner's overview of the Checklist module. We will cover topics including checklist navigation, Checklist Manager, template settings and scheduling, completing a checklist requirement, required permissions and Checklist On-Demand.

Knowledge Prerequisite: Basic understanding of Form Manager

Elite Permissions Needed:

  • Create checklist resources (questions, question categories and category / member groups) : Resources - Checklist Resources = Add or above
  • Add and edit checklist templates: Tools - Checklist Manager = On and Checklist Manager - Add Checklists = Yes
  • Import checklist templates and questions: Community - Library = On and Library - Import Checklists and Questions = Yes
  • Publish checklist templates and questions: Community - Library = On and Library - Publish Checklists and Questions = Yes
  • Elite Inbox & System / Agency - Inbox = On
Available Webinars:

Implementing the Locations/Occupants/Inspections Module

This introductory class will provide administrators with a guide to setting up and using the Locations/Occupants/Inspections module.  We'll look at the big pieces involved in configuring the Inspections functionality including overviews of locations/occupants/inspections forms, inspections supplemental forms, inspection letters and mobile Inspections. 

Knowledge Prerequisite: A working knowledge of Form Manager, Worksheet Manager, Print Report Manager, Supplemental Questions, Validation and Permissions

Elite Permissions Needed:

System or Agency:

  • Configuration - Inspections General Settings = Edit (for Inspections)


  • Agency Locations = Add or greater (for Locations)
  • Supplemental Questions - Location/Occupant Questions = Add or greater (for Locations)


  • Form Manager
  • Add Locations/Occupants Forms = Yes (for Locations, Occupants)
  • Activate/Inactivate Locations/Occupants Forms = Yes (for Locations, Occupants)
  • Delete Locations/Occupants Forms = Yes (for Locations, Occupants)
  • Copy Locations/Occupants Forms = Yes (for Locations, Occupants)


  • Locations = Full (for Locations)
  • Occupants = Full (for Occupants)
  • Inspections = Full (for Inspections)
  • Lock Inspections = Yes (for Inspections)
  • Unlock Inspections = Yes (for Inspections)
Available Webinars:

Implementing Inventory, Repairs and Maintenance

This session will provide an overview of Inventory, Maintenance and Repairs features within the Elite system, including permissions, form templates, supplemental questions, and resources for administrators.  We will also cover the end user functionality that includes how to utilize the Inventory, Maintenance and Repairs list pages for at a glance tracking, the various ways to create Inventory, maintenance and repair records, editing and bulk editing records and documenting repairs for inventory and maintenance. 

Knowledge Prerequisite: A working knowledge of Form Manager, permissions and supplemental questions.

Elite Permissions Needed:

  • Full or Add rights to Inventory, Repairs and Maintenance Resources
  • Full or Add rights to Supplemental Questions
  • Form Manager: On and Yes rights for Add, Activate/Inactivate, Copy and Delete Inventory, Maintenance and Repair Forms
Available Webinars:

Coming soon!

Implementing the Training & Activities Module

This class is designed to teach administrators how to implement and use Training and Activities. We will review permissions, creating Training and Activity entries, Form Manager, Training and Activity Resources and other related topics as they relate to Training and Activity tracking and reporting (such as  validation, visibility and supplemental questions).

Knowledge Prerequisite:A working knowledge of Form Manager, Validation, Visibility Rules and Permissions.

Elite Permissions Needed:

  • Training/Activity Permissions  (Yes for Yes/No permission objects; Add or above for graduated permission objects)
  • Training & Activity Questions (aka Training/Activity Supplemental Questions)
  • Training & Activity Resources
  • Training & Activity Course/Event Type Permissions
  • Add/Copy/Delete/Activate and Inactivate Training & Activity Forms
  • Publish Training/Activity Forms
  • Import Training/Activity Forms
  • Training & Activity Records
  • Lock Training & Activities
  • Unlock Training & Activities
Available Webinars:

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