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Hooley Short

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What is hooley short?


At ImageTrend we welcome and encourage new ideas both internally with our bi-annual Hooley Day and externally as we bring that same concept to our Connect conference with what we call, Hooley Short.


Hooley Short is a 3-minute open mic (essentially). An opportunity for our customers to share their ideas and innovations with peers via an on-stage presentation. No matter how big, small or regardless of the scale of impact on the industry – one idea could lead to another and we enjoy being a part of that process. So, share away!


Note: Even if you are nominated for a Hooley Award or are part of the poster session, you are welcome to participate in the Hooley Short presentations as well.









Hooley Short presentations will take place on Thursday, July 19 at the Saint Paul RiverCentre during the Connect conference for all attendees to be a part of.



  • We keep every presentation to a 3 minute maximum. To keep it fair and to keep things rolling. (Like the big award shows, the mic will cut at 3 minutes – the same rule applies to everyone!)
  • All presentations (PowerPoint or video) must be submitted by June 13, 2018.
  • We require all presenters use ImageTrend AV equipment to present (again to keep it fair and keep things rolling)




Submissions are accepted until May 1, 2018.


Submission Agreement

By submitting this nomination, you certify that you understand all presentations are capped at three (3) minutes and your presentation will conclude regardless of how much of the planned presentation has been completed.