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Celebrating ImageTrend Co-founder Valerie McBrady

LAKEVILLE, MINN. [May 9, 2017] – Valerie McBrady, co-founder of ImageTrend, passed away at her home on the morning of May 4, 2017 after a prolonged illness. She served as Chief Operating Officer since the company’s beginning in 1998.

Valerie’s positive outlook resonated within the ImageTrend community and extended to customers, as she treated each individual as a friend. She believed in innovation and nurturing individuals, and was the driving force behind the company’s in-house daycare. To Valerie, everything, everyone and every idea was connected and important.

“She was the designer of ImageTrend’s company culture and a dedicated educator. She valued each individual, knew everyone by name, led by encouraging the strengths within us all and believed in making the world a better place,” said Michael Patock, Vice President of Health Data Services.

“We on the Leadership team, along with the entire company, are indebted to Valerie for her zealous leadership at ImageTrend. Val was a strong believer that everyone had specific strengths, and that teamwork was the best way to accomplish goals. These traits will live in each of us as we move forward and continue to innovate in the hopes of exceeding her expectations for the company. Val will be greatly missed by all,” said Dan Vanorny, Vice President of EMS and Fire.

At its very core, ImageTrend began as and is still a family business. Valerie encouraged every employee to treat each other like family, and in turn treated them like her own family. Her legacy will continue to drive the business and the ImageTrend family.

In memorial of Valerie, a Ceili (an Irish celebration) will be held to celebrate her life and remember the kind and connected leader who touched and shaped the lives of those within the ImageTrend community.

About ImageTrend, Inc.
ImageTrend, Inc. is dedicated to connecting life’s most important data in the healthcare and emergency response community. ImageTrend delivers software solutions, data analytics and services for EMS, hospitals, community paramedicine (CP), critical care, fire, and preparedness to enable fully integrated patient-centric healthcare and public safety. ImageTrend’s commitment to innovation, its clients, and providing world-class implementation and support is unsurpassed. Based in Lakeville, Minn., ImageTrend combines business analysis, creative design and data driven architecture to offer scalable solutions and strategies for today and the future.

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