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Fire Reaches Elite

When ImageTrend Elite debuted, it featured EMS run forms using the NEMSIS version 3 data dictionary on a device-independent system. Fire departments saw the potential to use this powerful platform and slick interface for fire incident documentation, and the latest (Sept. 2015) release delivers on that. 

Those who are transitioning from a Fire Bridge or Rescue Bridge system might notice some incremental improvements that will have a big impact on productivity. For one, flexible fire validation rules will be deployed as part of the run form. For the first time, states or fire departments will be able to build their own rules with real-time validation in Elite. Rather than having to save and submit a report for validation, the new engine in Elite will immediately flag fields that do not pass validation rules for instant feedback.

Lauren Daniel, GIS and Technology Support Specialist for Superstition Fire/Medical in Apache Junction, Arizona said of Elite, “Being able to add to the NFIRS validation – being able to add our own requirements on top – that’s a really big draw for us.”


There are also new visibility rules that will selectively show or hide sections when filling a form based on conditions as the report is being entered. These rules can be edited within Elite as well for maximum configurability, and help save time by focusing only on relevant fields.


Power users might notice some of the more in-depth features, and larger departments might appreciate the ability to capture response mode to scene by apparatus in addition to retaining the response mode per incident. The Apparatus Power Tool makes this possible for more granular detail.


The September release of ImageTrend Elite Fire even includes an enhancement that came about as a direct result of discussion during one of the Connect 2015 sessions. 


During a sneak preview of the upcoming release, it was suggested that those who have edit but not add permissions   for an incident should still be allowed to add exposures. With the room in agreement that this would be a positive change, development staff immediately made this a change and were able to deliver this.


There are still plenty of exciting enhancements slated for late 2015. Administrators will be able to set call hours – a popular requested feature. Additional printable PDF reports will also be available for NFIRS incidents.


Elite is a living, breathing data platform that promises to evolve with the advances in technology and initiatives in fire prevention and reporting. Stay tuned for even more from ImageTrend!

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