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ImageTrend Helmet Use Research Wins at TraumaCon


ImageTrend research took center stage at the Society of Trauma Nurses 2024 TraumaCon in Orlando, FL. Research Manager, Morgan Anderson, MPH, CPH, received first place for her oral presentation on helmet usage and motorcycle injuries in the prehospital setting.

Morgan’s presentation, State-Level Helmet Use Laws, Helmet Use, and Head Injuries in EMS Patients Involved in Motorcycle Collisions, used ImageTrend Collaborate’s national 2022 dataset.

The study explored the connections between helmet use and head trauma in 9-1-1 response EMS patients involved in motorcycle collisions in states with and without helmet use laws.

Morgan and her team found that unhelmeted motorcyclists were over three times more likely to have a moderate or severe head injury than those wearing a helmet in collisions attended by EMS.

National EMS data indicate the prevalence of helmet use among motorcycle crash victims attended to by EMS is markedly higher in states with laws requiring helmet use. At the time of the study, only eighteen of the 50 states had universal helmet laws for motorcyclists.

“EMS teams across the country are treating thousands of people for severe head injuries that could be avoided or lessened with the use of a helmet,” said Anderson. “While the results of this study may seem obvious, it is important to highlight the impact of legislative decisions on statewide health and EMS services. This highlights opportunities for lawmakers to make their state’s roadways safer.”

Morgan is a researcher and epidemiologist who has been at ImageTrend since 2017. In addition to working with clients, she plays a key role in publishing findings for scientific advancement. In 2018, Morgan was named an EMS10 Innovator, which recognizes industry influencers who have introduced significant innovations in EMS in the past year.

Morgan’s focus is to find ways to break down data silos and integrate more sources, expanding beyond EMS to include other public health data. “There is so much to be learned through data integration and transparency, including incredible opportunities to help patients before they actually become patients,” she said. 

Morgan graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2011 with a Master’s degree in Public Health and is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree in Public Health at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Prior to ImageTrend, she spent five years with the Army Public Health Center Injury Prevention Department.

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