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ImageTrend at the NERIS CAD/RMS Industry Roundtable


ImageTrend recently had the privilege of participating in the National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS) CAD/RMS Industry Roundtable, a pivotal event shaping the future of fire data systems in the United States.

This event aimed to unify efforts for NERIS among CAD and RMS industry providers, aligning technical approaches, and defining the practical steps necessary for successful integration of core incident data from CAD and RMS into NERIS.


Embracing Thought Leadership

At ImageTrend, we are dedicated to advancing industry standards and innovations. Our active participation in the NERIS CAD/RMS Industry Roundtable underscores this commitment and our mission to help shape the future of fire and emergency services data systems.

The roundtable provided an invaluable platform for collaboration, where we gained significant insights and knowledge. It allowed us to engage with leading figures and organizations, sharing our expertise and contributing to critical discussions about the future of fire and emergency services data systems.

Crucial topics covered included:

  • The importance of integrating CAD and RMS data into NERIS
  • Benefits of NERIS for emergency responders and CAD/RMS vendors
  • Roadmap development for CAD/RMS data integrations
  • Technical deep dive into the NERIS data schemas and API architectures

Our involvement not only enhanced our understanding of the NERIS updates but also better positions us to support our customers in navigating upcoming industry improvements.

“We are dedicated to supporting departments, the fire industry, and the U.S. Fire Administration during the exciting NERIS transition,” said Doug Butler, Director of Strategic Development at ImageTrend. “This represents the most significant and transformative advancement in fire documentation in the past 50 years, empowering your department to better serve your communities.”


Driving Collaboration and Innovation

The goal of NERIS is to empower the local fire and emergency services community with near real-time information and analytic tools that support data-informed decision-making for enhanced preparedness and response to incidents involving all hazards.

Achieving this goal requires buy-in and feedback from those most affected by this evolution in emergency response data management, which the NERIS CAD/RMS Industry Roundtable sought to address.

Troy Lachinski, Product Manager at ImageTrend, highlighted the spirit of collaboration that permeated the event. "This forum brought together vendors and stakeholders from all over to be a part of such an important conversation - being at the forefront of community innovation and improvement as a collaborative group helped drive many of the forum discussions," stated Lachinski.


Embracing Near Real-Time Data Submission

Another highlight from the discussions is the potential of NERIS to revolutionize data submissions in the fire service. Unlike the legacy NFIRS, where data is submitted in batches and does not promote near-time situational awareness, NERIS will be more transactional-based and support near real-time data submission.

"I'm excited that we'll be able to look at NERIS data in near real-time, providing better situational awareness at the local, regional, state and federal levels," said Lachinski.

This shift holds immense promise for enhancing operational efficiency and improving outcomes for both responders and the communities they serve, especially when new hazards appear.


Ensuring Smooth Transition to NERIS

A key takeaway from our engagement at the Roundtable was determining how ImageTrend can facilitate a seamless transition to NERIS for our customers.

“Since the release of the data schema, ImageTrend has been diligently developing our NERIS offerings. We are moving forward at full speed and eagerly anticipate onboarding our first departments this year,” said Butler.

Lachinski emphasized, "We'll provide the bridge for our customers to make this transition the least disruptive as we can possibly make it." This assurance underscores ImageTrend's dedication to supporting our customers through every step of the transition process.


Looking Ahead

As we reflect on our participation at the NERIS Roundtable, we are energized by the opportunities it presents for driving positive change within the emergency response landscape.

ImageTrend remains fully committed to leveraging our expertise and resources to support our customers through the transition to NERIS and beyond. Together, we will continue to innovate, collaborate, and strive towards a safer and more resilient future for all.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we navigate this transformative journey together.

For more information about ImageTrend's offerings and how we can support your department's transition, contact our team.

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