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License Management™ National Registry Integration

ImageTrend’s commitment to our clients includes making the most of valuable integrations. For that reason, the ImageTrend License Management solution has cultivated an important integration with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).


Recently, ImageTrend released updates to the NREMT integration piece in License Management. These changes allow state entities to access real-time data of NREMT records on a worldwide scale. Through system configurations, clients can process applications and verify credentials of users automatically. ImageTrend works closely with our state clients and the NREMT to promote a mutually beneficial relationship that continues to advance and improve care.

“The License Management integration with the NREMT represents the commitment we have to creating a partnership that works for our clients and ultimately improves the quality of service that State and local license management authorities provide to their emergency responders,” said Paul Filla, ImageTrend Implementation Coordinator.

In line with the objectives of the EMS strategic plan and needs assessment “The EMS Agenda for the Future, ” the progression of this integration and ImageTrend’s continued dedication to the goals of clients and goals of the industry will lead to more sharing from and to the NREMT. ImageTrend is working with clients to develop specifications and requirements for the importing training data from the NREMT and sharing continuing education data between NREMT and ImageTrend to reduce redundancy.


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