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State of Nevada Selects ImageTrend for Connected Health Records

LAKEVILLE, MINN. [September 10, 2018] - ImageTrend, Inc. announced the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services has selected ImageTrend for multiple solutions for the state’s health information technology. The interconnected software will provide documentation and reporting for EMS, licensure of EMS care providers and healthcare data interoperability among hospitals, healthcare registries, EMS and HIEs.

Karen Beckley, Bureau of Health Protection and Preparedness Chief said, “The new contract between the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Emergency Medical Services Program and ImageTrend will facilitate increased communication, surveillance, monitoring and reporting of all emergency medical services incidents including data and information related to statewide opioid use, abuse and overdoses.”

By connecting health records across entities, EMS will be able to do a patient lookup through the HIE in the field and match for medications, allergies and other conditions. The agencies will also be able to receive outcome data from hospitals that can be incorporated into their quality improvement efforts.

The contract includes multiple integrated solutions from ImageTrend, including Elite, Visual Informatics, MARS (Mapping and Reporting System), Continuum, Health Information Hub (HIH), License Management and Vault.

ImageTrend was chosen from a competitive process initiated by the state’s request for proposal (RFP). The company answered the call for a comprehensive and scalable solution, backed by experience, product success and financial stability. ImageTrend is the leading provider for statewide, regional, county, municipal and private EMS data technology.

“We are excited to work with the state of Nevada to deploy and implement multiple ImageTrend systems that are all interconnected and will allow multiple agencies within the state to streamline their processes and find efficiencies,” said Dan Vanorny, Vice President of Software Engineering, ImageTrend.

With the addition of Nevada, 38 statewide EMS systems are powered by ImageTrend and 21 states incorporate License Management for administration of provider licensure and credentials.

About ImageTrend, Inc. ImageTrend, Inc. is dedicated to connecting life’s most important data in the healthcare and emergency response community. ImageTrend delivers software solutions, data analytics and services for EMS, hospitals, community paramedicine (CP), critical care, fire, and preparedness to enable fully integrated patient-centric healthcare and public safety. ImageTrend’s commitment to innovation, its clients, and providing world-class implementation and support is unsurpassed. Based in Lakeville, Minn., ImageTrend combines business analysis, creative design and data driven architecture to offer scalable solutions and strategies for today and the future.

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