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Battalion Chief Brandon Howard is credited with introducing the patient follow-up section in ImageTrend Elite™.

West Valley (UT) Fire Department Recognized for Community and System Improvements

West Valley (UT) Fire Department Recognized for Community and System Improvements
Photo/West Valley City Fire Department

For commendable effort to improve emergency services and foster collaboration within the community, Battalion Chief Brandon Howard of the West Valley City Fire Department (WVCFD) was nominated for a Hooley Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the department and the communities it serves. Through his innovative use of ImageTrend solutions, Chief Howard has implemented several vital components that have greatly benefited not only WVCFD but also surrounding agencies and the community at large.

One of the notable enhancements introduced by Chief Howard is the use of the patient follow-up section in ImageTrend Elite™. This feature has revolutionized the way feedback from hospitals and patient updates are handled, leading to remarkable improvements in training and overall service quality. By streamlining the process of receiving and incorporating outcomes and feedback, the department has been able to identify areas of improvement more effectively, resulting in enhanced patient care and optimized emergency response strategies.

Battalion Chief Brandon Howard

Chief Howard has also identified a significant issue within the community: many patients encountered by emergency services do not actually require immediate emergency care but are unsure of who to contact for assistance. Recognizing the importance of connecting individuals with the appropriate resources, Chief Howard leveraged the capabilities of ImageTrend solutions to create a referral system. Now, WVCFD crews can seamlessly refer patients to additional services, such as adult and aging services, ensuring that the right individuals receive the specific support they need. This collaborative approach between emergency services and community organizations promotes a holistic approach to healthcare and fosters a sense of unity among all stakeholders.

In a further display of the commitment to the well-being of the community, WVCFD has plans to launch a drug recovery program utilizing the same principles facilitated by ImageTrend. By identifying individuals who may benefit from drug rehabilitation services during emergency responses, the department can proactively connect them with the necessary resources for recovery. This program not only highlights Chief Howard’s dedication to tackling the opioid crisis but also showcases the potential of technology in addressing pressing social issues.

The impact of Chief Howard’s initiatives on the WVCFD and the community cannot be overstated. Through his use of ImageTrend solutions, the department has witnessed significant improvements in patient care, training and community collaboration. By streamlining communication and fostering partnerships with other agencies and community members, Chief Howard has elevated the effectiveness of emergency services while simultaneously addressing the underlying needs of patients.

The Hooley Awards seeks to honor individuals who go above and beyond their duties to create positive change within their organizations and communities. Chief Howard’s exceptional efforts in implementing these enhancements through ImageTrend exemplify this spirit of innovation and dedication. His commitment to leveraging technology to improve emergency services and forge connections within the community sets an inspiring example for others in the field.

Chief Howard and WVCFD were finalists for ImageTrend’s 2023 Hooley Awards in the New Frontier category. The Hooley Awards recognize innovators and thought leaders, honoring their involvement, creativity, and passion, and were founded to acknowledge their contributions in innovation and excellence. The Hooley Award finalists were celebrated, and the winners were announced during the 15th annual ImageTrend Connect Conference in July 2023.

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