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ImageTrend Envoy

Complete Case Management for Coroner & Violent Death Cases

Envoy™ is a web-based case management solution specifically focused on managing coroner and violent death cases. The solution houses all demographic, exam and autopsy data, and allows users to automatically submit data required for compliance. Envoy is an enterprise solution that can be used statewide and provided to all agencies, or used solely at an agency level.

Key Features for Statewide Solutions

Access electronic coroner records at any point

Assign appropriate security permissions

Quickly and easily report on all data collected

Provide the ability to document offline to all agencies

Integrate state toxicology source

Integrate with electronic death registry systems

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Key Features for Agencies

Add attachments to cases, and preview what’s attached

Utilize pre-defined medical history and medication lists

Dynamically ensure required data is entered before the case is closed

Display fields based on entered data using “smart” technology

Capture digital signatures in the field

Schedule reports to auto-generate and send to selected users

Offline Documentation

ImageTrend Envoy allows users to document data offline when an internet connection isn’t available, ensuring data can be collected in any situation without the need to rely on paper records.

Quickly & Easily Report on Data

Near-real time, ad-hoc reports will exceed your expectations, adding benefit beyond data collection and aggregation. Data needed for annual reports, coroner verdicts, investigation, internal reviews and more can be reported on quickly and easily – without the need to sort through paper records and manually enter data into a spreadsheet.

Schedule reports to auto-generate and send to selected users

Streamline data submission

Create custom reports

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