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Trauma, Stroke, STEMI, Burn and More

  • Multi-discipline medical registry system
  • Easily identify and close all open complications
  • Secure, Web-based access from a variety of devices
  • Performance Improvement tools
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Multi-Discipline Medical Registry System

Registry SystemPatient Registry is a multi-discipline registry system that collects and analyzes information on the incident, severity, causes and outcomes of trauma, stroke, STEMI, burn and more to evaluate factors and the health system’s response. Patient Registry seamlessly integrates pre-hospital EMS incidents to the medical facility and registry, eliminating data redundancies and saving you valuable time. The system is capable of processing many forms, including:

  • Trauma Registry (NTDB with TQIP process measure data)
  • Stroke Registry (National Stroke Registry)
  • STEMI Registry (NCDR ACTION Registry)
  • Burn Registry (ABA)
  • Submersion Registry (Drowning Prevention)

Patient-Centric Tracking and Reporting

Patient IconMany registry incidents begin as an EMS incident, which may include multiple events such as BLS, ALS, air transport or outpatient recovery for one patient. The data linkage between these systems is a valuable source of information that not only eliminates redundant data, but also allows you to efficiently and realistically track times, procedures and outcomes related to the patient.

Dashboard screenshot from ImageTrend Patient Registry version 3.0

Above: The dashboard of Patient Registry 3.0 shows user-selectable widgets, which can include a list of open complications, graphs of key performance indicators and other useful tools at your disposal.

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