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Free Training Sessions

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Join us at ImageTrend's corporate offices for a day of education and learn how to make the most out of your solution.

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All of ImageTrend's free training sessions are offered at our corporate offices in Lakeville, Minnesota. The free training sessions for each solution are intended as an introduction to the software, primarily directed towards new administrators. See the sessions below for more details about topics and requirements.

Class includes training and a box lunch. Attendees are responsible for all other travel, accommodations and incidentals. Attendees must register at least one week in advance. Classes without registered attendees will be cancelled without notice. For personalized or on-site training, contact your account executive.

*Classes are available at no cost to service and system administrators. Attendees are responsible for all other travel, accommodations and incidentals.

Elite EMS Agency/System Admin Education Sessions

Join us for ​a ​hands-on ​experience ​where ​attendees ​will ​learn ​about ​EMS ​system ​and ​service ​setup ​in ImageTrend ​Elite, ​Report ​Writer ​and ​Elite ​Field. This ​‘Train the Trainer’ ​session ​is ​available ​at ​no ​additional ​cost* ​for ​up ​to ​two ​people ​per ​agency ​and ​is ​held ​at ​the ​ImageTrend ​corporate ​offices ​in ​Lakeville, ​Minnesota.

Training ​Level: ​Beginner ​training ​for ​system ​and ​agency ​administrators

Available sessions:

Elite Fire Agency/System Admin Education

This ​free ​education ​class ​is ​a ​hands-on ​experience ​where ​agency ​and ​system ​administrators ​will ​learn ​about ​fire ​system ​and ​agency ​setup ​in ​ImageTrend Elite and ​Report ​Writer, including NFIRS reporting. ​This ​‘Train the Trainer’ ​session ​is ​available ​at ​no ​additional ​cost* ​for ​up ​to ​two ​people ​per ​agency ​and ​is ​held ​at ​the ​ImageTrend ​corporate ​offices ​in ​Lakeville, ​Minnesota.


Training ​Level: ​Beginner ​training ​for ​system ​and ​agency ​administrators

Available sessions:

Patient Registry Admin Education

Training designed specifically for trauma registrars and system administrators for the Patient Registry product. This is a hands-on experience where attendees will learn about system setup, Report Writer and incident data entry. This training session is available at no additional cost* for up to two people per system.

Training ​Level: ​Registrar - System Admins

Available sessions:


Training is intended for new system administrators. This introductory education will provide an overview of system operations as a whole and the most frequently used components. The session will cover topics relevant to both system and agency administrators. If you are an agency administrator, please note that the system administrator tasks may not apply to you.

  • For Patient Registry education sessions, we require you to bring a laptop to allow you to follow along with the instructor.
    • This is not required for Elite education sessions.
  • We recommend that all attendees for all sessions bring a laptop or another device to take notes.
  • ImageTrend offers free WiFi for your laptop or other device.
  • We recommend that you bring your system's URL and your login information so you can practice skills on your own site.
  • ImageTrend is a casual office environment; no ties or business attire required.
  • Lunch will be provided but breakfast is not included; be sure to record any dietary restrictions you may have during your registration.
  • Training does not include transportation or housing accommodations.
  • After registration you will receive a confirmation email; if you think you have registered but did not receive a confirmation, please CONTACT IMAGETREND to confirm your registration.

Due to the amount of information covered in these trainings, these educational sessions are still being held in person at ImageTrend's offices. Our staff ensures that the room used for the session is large enough to allow social distancing throughout the session. ImageTrend reserves the right to cancel any session as needed to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients. 

At this time ImageTrend is not offering a virtual equivalent of these free training sessions.

  • Free parking is available at IMAGETREND HEADQUARTERS; no tickets or validation are required.
  • Guest parking is conveniently located across from our main entryway.
  • At this time no public transit is available to ImageTrend headquarters.

  • Proceed inside the main entrance and check in at the reception desk.
  • Your educator will meet you at the main entrance and bring you to your classroom.

  • ImageTrend does not provide accommodations for free training courses, but there are several hotels near the office:
    • Holiday Inn Lakeville; 20800 Kenrick Avenue, Lakeville, MN 55044 • 855-680-3239
    • Candlewood Suites Lakeville I-35; 21060 Keswick Loop, Lakeville, MN 55044 • 855-680-3239
    • Hampton Inn Lakeville; 20851 Keokuk Avenue, Lakeville, MN 55044 • 952-213-3144
  • Hotel accommodations are based on availability and are not guaranteed; we recommend booking sooner rather than later.

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