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Navigating the NEMSIS 3.5 Data Transition: Q&A Guide for Agencies and States

Q: What is the NEMSIS 3.5 data transition?

A: The NEMSIS 3.5 data transition refers to the update in the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) standard for emergency medical services (EMS) data collection. The transition to version 3.5 includes changes and enhancements to data elements and datasets to improve the quality and consistency of EMS data.


Q: Is ImageTrend NEMSIS 3.5 ready and able to support my agency’s transition to NEMSIS 3.5?

A: Yes, ImageTrend Elite™ has been NEMSIS version 3.5 compliant since 2021, and ImageTrend remains committed to supporting agencies and its 40 state partners in their transition to NEMSIS 3.5 as the sunset of the current NEMSIS standard (v3.4.0) approaches. Agencies that don’t already use ImageTrend Elite should contact ImageTrend to get started so they can meet reporting requirements.

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Q: Why is the transition to NEMSIS 3.5 important?

A: The transition to NEMSIS 3.5 is crucial because it offers a more robust and comprehensive data collection platform. With enhanced data elements, it provides a more detailed picture of EMS performance, helping to drive improvements in patient care, operational efficiency and policy development. This update provides the opportunity to evolve and enhance emergency services across the nation.


Q: What challenges might agencies and states face during this transition?

A: The transition to NEMSIS 3.5 might pose challenges to agencies and states if their ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Reporting) provider is not ready to support the transition.


Q: How can agencies and states be prepared for the NEMSIS 3.5 transition?

A: Agencies and states should engage with their ePCR providers to ensure their system is updated and compliant with the new data standard. A provider that is fully prepared can help support a smooth transition without any delays. Reviewing the new data dictionary and change log to understand the new and modified data elements can also help states and agencies be aware of upcoming changes in patient care documentation.


Q: Who can help support agencies and states in the NEMSIS 3.5 transition?

A: An EMS data partner can help support states and agencies in a smooth transition to NEMSIS 3.5. ImageTrend is a leading ePCR provider and fully prepared to support this transition with the necessary functionality and technical assistance. With resources invested in understanding the updates and its implications, ImageTrend Elite is compliant with the latest data standards with extensive training and resources to navigate the transition smoothly. The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center (TAC) can also provide support during this transition.


Q: Are there resources available to prepare for NEMSIS version 3.5 reporting?

A: Yes, there are many resources available. ImageTrend provides guides, webinars, technical support and online help and forums within ImageTrend Elite to ensure a seamless transition. The NEMSIS TAC website also provides a wealth of information, including a detailed guide to the changes in version 3.5, a transition timeline and frequently asked questions.


Q: What are the timelines for this transition?

A: The transition to NEMSIS 3.5 is ongoing with NEMSIS version 3.4 scheduled to sunset on January 1, 2024. Agencies should check with their state EMS office or the NEMSIS TAC for specific deadlines.


Q: How will the transition to NEMSIS 3.5 benefit the EMS community?

A: The transition to NEMSIS 3.5 will enhance data quality, allowing for more precise analysis and research. This will lead to better patient care, improved operational efficiency and more informed policy decisions, ultimately benefiting the entire EMS community.


The time is now!

The transition to NEMSIS 3.5 is a significant step for the EMS community, offering numerous benefits. While it may pose challenges, with the right preparation, support and resources, agencies and states can successfully navigate this transition. ImageTrend is ready to help you with your NEMSIS 3.5 data transition. Get started today!

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