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Patient Registry


Collect and maintain registry data for trauma, stroke and cardiac, all within a single system. Data collected can be reported on to determine where there are disparities or opportunities to improve quality of care.



Maintain NTDB TQIP compliance. Add on the optional categories of burn, rehab and quality of life to your trauma registry to enhance your program.



American Burn Association compliant. Manage all burn registry data in a single system with your trauma data. 



Conform with national standards, such as the CDC Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Registry standards. 



Manage prehospital and hospital cardiac data, from STEMIs to cardiac arrests, in the same system you use for your trauma, burn and stroke registries. 


One of the biggest selling points when we were evaluating ImageTrend was their reputation about being responsive with customer service and their yes mentality.

Ben Gardiner, Gold Coast University Hospital | Gold Coast, Qld, AU
Patient Registry Solution Key Features
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One Platform

Collect and maintain registry data for trauma, stroke and cardiac, all with a single system. Add on the optional categories of burn, rehab and quality of life to your trauma registry to further enhance your program.

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EMS & HL7 Integration

Connect your registry with pre-hospital EMS data and your EMR to gain valuable information. Collaborating with the EMS agencies that transport to your facility gives you access to pre-hospital data while providing EMS agencies with outcome data, resulting in a mutually beneficial situation.

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Incorporates complications, and performance improvement and patient safety (PIPS) activities to support peer review monitoring within a secure environment. Supports Patient Safety Taxonomy to benchmark performance improvement (PI), focus on specific measures and align with hospital quality programs.

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Updated ICD-10 Codes

Intelligent search features allow registrars to quickly identify and select proper ICD-10 codes. NTDB Data Dictionary updates are ready January 1 each year for hospitals to collect accurate information for the previous year and new year simultaneously.

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Completely Web-based

Securely access your site with a database-driven web application that does not require any installation from your hospital or state IT. 

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Ensure complete, accurate data collection with the use of validation rules. Required fields are highlighted in red and marked with an exclamation point to indicate a field needing further information before allowing the user to submit the record.

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Dynamic Forms

Create a dynamic form to meet your team’s needs for both data collection and reporting. Other configurations include the ability to change field labels, add default values, mark fields as read-only, remove unwanted fields and group fields within a section.

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Reporting & Analytics

Dynamically create, display and store reports. Report Writer offers expanded reporting and data analysis capabilities. Reports can be scheduled at regular intervals and distributed via email to a pre-determined list of recipients.

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KPI Monitoring

Many interactive, real-time and comparative reports utilizing key performance indicators, including COI (cause of injury), ISS (injury severity score) and MOI (mechanism of injury) are available from the centralized online dashboard.

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Community Driven

Stay connected to the community and further your knowledge of the solution with ImageTrend University, monthly user calls, educational webinars, the annual Connect User Conference, and more.


The most robust reporting tools to meet your needs.

Reporting Tools

ImageTrend’s powerful reporting database gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily create dynamic reports. Monitor key performance indicators, set up alerts or triggers, or integrate multiple data sources to reveal trends in your community.

Continuum: On the Pulse

Continuum actively monitors and delivers the data needed to make decisions, impact operations and patient care – delivered how, when and where you want it. Whether you want to improve treatment outcomes, predict areas of concern or find cost savings, Continuum delivers the information you need to make decisions and impact patient care.

What You Can Expect Working with ImageTrend


Your priority is the patient - from understanding the pre-hospital encounters to treatment at the hospital, discharge and improving overall quality of life. We understand this, and help you make the data aspect of patient care easier. When you work with ImageTrend, you can expect to:


Transition seamlessly. We know how to help you get the data you need from your existing system and into Patient Registry.


Get updates when you need them. CMS ICD-10 updates each October and NTDB by January 1st.


Have the ability to collect previous and current years data concurrently to meet NTDB requirements. Intelligence is built in to make it seamless for your users.


Assistance with research endeavors. With an onsite clinical and research services team, we have the expertise you need to understand your data.

Presence Nationally & Internationally


Integrate EMS & the EMR

Connect your registry with EMS and the EMR to solve your data challenges and create efficiency. ImageTrend delivers the solutions you need by allowing you to focus on the patient or emergency. Connect solutions to share information, and create integrations that streamline data flow and maximize data usage.

Connect solutions to share information

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