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ImageTrend Continuum®

Continuum® is the solution that delivers the information you need, when you need it.

Whether you need insight into operational, surveillance, clinical or performance improvement, Continuum keeps you on the pulse of your data.


Active Data Monitoring

Continuum is Active Data Monitoring™. It takes the data you’ve collected and harnesses the power of that data to both send alert notifications and offer insight continually through dynamic dashboards.

Predefined Analytics

Continuum delivers predefined analytics built by ImageTrend using industry-wide best practices around specific subject areas. Your data will be transformed into captivating and meaningful graphics to deliver the awareness and actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Key Features

Immediate Insight

Continuum delivers easily accessible information that can turn your data into wisdom. View gauges, maps, graphs, charts and more without having to build reports. It’s that easy.

Get Alerts

Choose from receiving automated notifications via text, email and/or view information on dashboards.


Continuum has the ability to create playlists featuring charts and/or maps from a variety of domains to be shared on monitors at your stations, offices, websites or other locations.

Public-Facing Options

When the public or city officials need to stay informed, you can set up specific dashboards that are publicly available, while ensuring data security.

Accreditation Tool

With data available instantly, Continuum is easy to use, provides historical data and allows for quick adjustments to see exactly what you’re looking for.

Automatic Delivery

Dashboards automatically update and allow you to drill down using filters. Playlists automatically refresh to view dashboards most relevant to your goals.

It's easier than ever to share important information with your stakeholders - medical directors, crews, chiefs, hospitals and community - with the ability to create playlists and share URLs. Keep everyone in-the-know with a better understanding of what's happening in your community.

Domains & Dashboards

Topics important to you and your department can be displayed on dashboards of charts, tabular reports and maps providing instant visual insight. Each dashboard has filtering capabilities such as timeframe, agency/department, and a variety of other adjustable criteria, in order to meet your organizational needs.

Continuum focuses on multiple datasets such as EMS, fire, inspections, occupants, community health, patient registries, dispatch, certifications, hospitals and outcomes. The end result? Easily accessible information that can help you turn your data into wisdom, make efficient, informed decisions, impact operations and improve patient care.

A sampling of the content available within Continuum Dashboards for EMS, fire and hospitals include:


911 response, patient care and care delivery efficiency for medically trained responders and agencies.


Firefighting response, reduction in property losses and safety of firefighters and community members.


Quality improvement and response to trauma, stroke and cardiac in the hospital and acute care setting.

Fire Content Package

Delivering key information to understanding the performance of fire organizations relative to their Standards of Cover and Service Response goals.

Whether your department is actively seeking accreditation, maintaining status or even if you are not pursuing accreditation, having performance metrics available on-the-fly is a huge time-saver and powerful asset for effective fire safety.

EMS Content Package


Gain complete insights on the delivery and performance of emergency medical services.


Advanced analytics to understand community needs and measure the services and care being provided by your agency. The ability to measure performance at any moment keeps you on the pulse of your data.

Performance Insights

Performance Insights™ within Continuum is a ground-breaking module that brings provider and organization level situational awareness through industry trends, clinical and operational metrics, incident specific detail and patient interactions. Simply put, it’s a report card, but it offers more value with near real-time insights that allows proactive continuous performance improvement.

Explore how your organization is performing across various clinical and operational metrics, identify trends and bring a thorough understanding of performance to all levels within an organization.

Promote continuous quality improvement and operational excellence with provider and organization-level situational awareness through industry trends, clinical and operational metrics, incident specific details and patient interactions.

Access individualized score cards with a variety of pre-determined metrics to compare performance throughout the organization. Similarly, access agency wide metrics by comparing individuals, shifts, units or apparatus, zones and districts, clinical impressions and incident outcomes.

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