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ImageTrend License Management

A Comprehensive Solution

A modernized approach to your licensing and certification process. Minimize the administrative burden and maximize applicant output with ImageTrend License Management™.

Automate text on a right pointing arrow with a cog behind a clock icon

User friendly workflows allow a professional to automatically move through the licensing process from submission through issuance.

Validate text on a right facing arrow below a ribbon and checkmark

Accuracy is important when it comes to ensuring your professionals are safely licensed. License Management allows you to affirm your providers are meeting the appropriate regulatory standards.

Issue text on a right pointing arrow with a license icon above it

Empower your administrators to bulk approve applications in peak renewal period and generate license cards for credentialing.

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Data and analytics play a critical role in improving processes and efficiencies. Our powerful reporting tool will help you gain the insights needed to make impactful change.

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Allow your professionals to speed up the renewal process, and reduce data error when applying for renewal licenses.

Key Features

Icon of a personApplicants have the ability to manage multiple elements of their personnel user profiles, from licenses and applications to contact information to trainings completed. You can set up alerts and track the statuses of your application from start to finish.

magnifying glass and person iconPublic lookup user/service/training data: Users without an account can use the public portal to look up user, agency or training details for verification. Administrators can control which data is visible about their providers and services.

presentation to other people iconRecord the details of training courses held within your bounds, from topics covered to test details to course approval. Courses can be created from templates or on the fly according to your organization’s needs, and can be built either by administrators or through the public portal.

Track CE credits and trainings completed to ensure you are meeting the requirements to obtain your licenses.

laptop with padlock iconPay application, inspection, course request fees. If you add a payment gateway to your system, users will see and be able to pay for all application, inspection or course request fees that you have set up for the applications, inspections or course requests that they are submitting through the public portal.

magnifying glass iconAllows for the ability, within the License Management System, to conduct inspections on Facilities or Vehicles. This functionality exists to allow users to: Create a library of checklists, schedule inspections and record deficiencies. Inspection fees can be generated per checklist through the inspection process and payment can be received if the Payment Gateway Integration is purchased and implemented. Automated inspection workflow can be configured to add notes and alerts, update statuses, send correspondence, or set associated dates. The Offline Inspections mode allows your inspectors to download their checklists on their devices and fill out offline during the inspection before uploading back to the License Management System.

gears iconImageTrend has the ability to build custom integrations or use existing API’s to gather the right data at the right time, making the application process more efficient.


alarm bell iconEasily view, retire and add alerts to draw attention to user, service or vehicle profiles that meet certain criteria and need extra attention. Alerts can be added automatically based on your workflow when records meet certain criteria, or you can add them manually.

mailing envelope iconSend email correspondence automatically or manually through the system. Correspondence sent through License Management will be saved with the record it was sent to for easy reference.



Provisional Licensing

Maintain a robust workforce in the toughest situations. ImageTrend License Management was built on configurability to help meet your operational needs.

Custom Modules

Custom modules from Education, Inspection and Investigations help track the most important aspects of your application process.

Configured for scalability

Our dynamic solution can be scaled to fit state systems, down to the smallest department or agency. From EMS to Private Security and Fire Marshal certification, ImageTrend License Management is the system designed for you.

EMS Compact Connection

ImageTrend connects directly with the EMS Compact to extend licensing privileges to EMS personnel in the 20 member states to practice on an intermittent basis.

questions or comments about

License Management?

Within about 4 months of turning on ImageTrend, we went from 60-90 days to get a license, to less than 4 hours. Huge change.

– Fabian P. Blache lll | Executive Director, Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners

License Management

Savings Equation Example

If you process

1,000 Applications per year

saving 10 minutes per application

could save you over a months worth of time and pay per year

10 Minutes of Savings

x 1,000 Applications

= 10,000 minutes 

10,000 minutes /

60 minutes per hour

= 166 hours

166 hours

/ 40 hours per week

= 4+ weeks

of time and pay per year

30 State/Federal Systems

ImageTrend License Management

Map of the United States showing states with EMS, Fire Marshal, Private Security or non-ImageTrend systems



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