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The ImageTrend Clinical and Research Services Team bridges the gap between data collection and a need for industry-wide research. The team takes your data further than you ever thought possible - you have the data; it’s time to put it to work for you. 

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Providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics, including public health, clinical-focused practice, operational efficiencies and research is what this team delivers. Our experts help you identify and understand the story of your data for everything from a single research project to helping get a research program started at your organization.

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ImageTrend Collaborate

The EMS and healthcare industry is full of underutilized data that can be used to make a lasting, positive impact on the community. ImageTrend Collaborate™ aggregates, de-identifies and displays your data securely to empower data driven decision-making.


CrewCare™ was created in response to the growing concerns of mental well-being within the first responder and healthcare industries. The goal of CrewCare is to provide insight on stress loads and associated factors, as well as to grow an aggregate non-identifiable database to help us, as a collective whole, gain understanding. We all want to be a part of preventing burnout, PTSD, and suicide as well as improving support offered. After all, it is not just about being resilient, it’s about thriving.

Volumes 1, 2 & 3 of the CrewCare Report

Emergency Responder Mental Well-being and Self-perceived Coworker Support:

This study shows evidence that high coworker support is associated with low stress levels and less likelihood of self-perceived PTSD. These results indicate the importance of peer to peer support and agencies should find opportunities that encourages and supports comradery between coworkers.

Exhaustion and Disengagement in Emergency Responders:

Measuring Burnout Using the Oldenburg Burnout Inventory Tool

Research Projects in Partnership with States and Agencies

Multi-state Vaping-related Incidents in the Pre-Hospital Setting

Descriptives and Effectiveness of Opioid-based Analgesics for Managing Pain for Wyoming EMS Incidents: Fentanyl and Morphine

Refusals of Care for EMS Injury-related Incidents in Nebraska: Characteristics and Correlates

Initial and Multiple Naloxone Administrations in a Midwestern EMS Agency: Trends and Correlates

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