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Here to serve, innovate, challenge and deliver

We believe in asking the right question. How can we make people’s lives better and easier? What can we build to help our clients and their communities achieve their goals?

But the most important question for us to ask has always been simple, “How can we help?”

Mission, Values, Vision

Our mission at ImageTrend is to create a better world through technical innovation and a vision of what is possible. We achieve this goal by starting slow, working small and planning long term while visioning big.

We believe ImageTrend succeeds by helping our customers and business partners succeed and attain their goals. The success of any individual employee is tied to the success of the group and the success of the group requires every individual to succeed professionally and personally.

Above all, we believe in our dreams.

Giving Back


CrewCare™ was created in response to growing concerns within the first responder industry on mental health and well-being. The goal is to provide insight on stress loads and associated factors. We want to give back to the first responders that assist our communities in times of need: EMS, fire, police, healthcare, dispatcher, military. Thank you for your service. It’s not just about being resilient, it’s about thriving.

American Red Cross Blood Drives

A tradition at ImageTrend is the annual blood drive at our Health and Wellness Fair.

Ongoing Research

The ImageTrend Collaborate™ Program aggregates de-identified data to perform research, identify trends, benchmarks and drive public health awareness for the good of our communities. We are honored that our clients opt-in to the Collaborate Program, joining forces with us to make an impact on communities across the nation.

Exposure Tracking

In Aware™, first responders throughout the industry can document their exposures to have a lifelong record to download at any moment, regardless of where they work. ImageTrend believes in supporting all first responders, not just those that use our software in their organizations.

What it all comes down to

We believe in working hard, having fun, connecting with our clients, growing professionally and personally as well as offering great benefits and unique perks.

Our prospective clients and employees should know this about ImageTrend’s philosophy:

  • Do the right thing
  • Act from your heart
  • Share openly
  • Challenge everything
  • Keep it simple
  • Make it fun
  • Silver line it

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