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  • Emergency management & alert notification
  • Resource and bed allocation
  • Hospital diversion status & reporting
  • Patient Tracking
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Emergency Preparedness

Community As a statewide or regional installation, the ImageTrend Resource Bridge can be a stand-alone system or integrated with EMS systems like ImageTrend's State Bridge or Service Bridge to expand Patient Tracking capabilities. Emergency communication and alerting functions allow for immediate notifications throughout the system and via email, text and pager providing for timely communication to multiple locations simultaneously.

Resource Bridge has the right tools and capabilities to help you manage and plan evacuations efficiently. Quickly identify available agencies capable of accepting patients when evacuation is needed and send system-wide alerts when disaster strikes.

Resource and Bed Allocation

Hospital BedThe ImageTrend Resource Bridge provides hospital summaries, geographical information, regional overviews and more. Real-time search capabilities provide immediate status information and assignment possibilities. Users logged in to the system are immediately notified of diversion status changes and their acknowledgement of the change is tracked in the system. Users can also elect to receive diversion notifications via phone, pager or email.

The Bed Allocation feature within Resource Bridge shows and tracks bed type availability, capacity, wait time, personnel contact information, acuity level and diversion status information for bed allocation. The quick entry form allows for easy updating of bed availability and the expanded form allows for further information management, such as contact information.

The Inventory and Procurement modules available for the Resource Bridge allow you to track the allocation and distribution of funds and items, providing further insight into your data to help reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Patient Tracking

The Patient Tracking system available for the Resource Bridge offers real-time integration of hospital diversion status and MCI counts. In the event of an emergency incident, the ImageTrend Patient Tracking system provides first responders and hospitals with critical and up-to-date information. Each patient is tracked from initial assessment to the hospital where they are being treated.

Resource Bridge is standards-based and consistent with DHHS and CDC direction for hospital and public health preparedness and with the Public Health Information Network. It also meets many hospital preparedness program ASPR grant requirements.


ImageTrend Resource Bridge™ fulfills the needs of states, regions, consortiums and other organizations to track and organize information about hospital diversion status, bed and resource allocation, MCI (mass casualty incident) bed availability and emergency contingency plans. The interface is built to grant users and administrators quick and easy access to important information, allowing for both everyday information management and quick and effective communication and coordination in emergency situations.

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Resource Bridge and Grant Eligibility
Resource Bridge and ASPR Grant Eligibility
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