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Field-based ePCR Data Collection

  • Lightning-fast data entry
  • Improve patient care
  • Exclusive Power Tools and Provider Actions
  • EKG integration
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Supporting Emergency Responsiveness

multi device iconImageTrend EMS Field Bridge™ is a pre-hospital patient care data collection and reporting application that is NEMSIS Gold compliant. Designed for speed and accuracy, EMS Field Bridge, with thousands of units in the field, assists medics in quickly generating complete, real-time electronic patient care reports in a mobile environment. Easily document incidents using touch or stylus input on a tablet or with ruggedized notebooks depending on the requirements of your service

Pop-up Power Tools,™ integrations to EKG devices and configurable run form layouts allow data to be entered with ease and as best fits with the needs of the service and each individual user. Data gathered can be submitted electronically to an EMS Service Bridge or State Bridge system in order to compile the data for a service or state.

Develop Efficiencies and Improve Patient Care

From rapid, pen-based or touch screen data entry using our exclusive Provider Actions™ technology to streamlined one-click billing and electronic submission, ImageTrend EMS Field Bridge integrates critical information across the entire emergency community. Ambulance services are able to collect data electronically in the field as it happens without a major investment and without learning complex new technology.


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Small and Lightweight Devices

EMS Field Bridge works on a variety of Windows-based PCs, including Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro or ruggedized laptops and tablets. Need an ePCR for other platforms? Field Bridge Xpress works on popular devices like Apple iPad or Google Android tablets for even greater flexibility. As technology evolves, ImageTrend has been a leader in ePCR.

The Features You Need

EMS Field Bridge™ is the one solution you can count on for field-based ePCR. The exclusive Power Tools™ and Provider Actions™ save time for EMS providers. When combined with EMS Service Bridge™ or Rescue Bridge™ your service can take advantage of customizable layouts and real-time data validation. Powerful features like EKG monitor integration and auto narrative improve accuracy and speed that lead to optimal patient care.

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Faster Documentation in the Field

This video provides an overview of some of the time-saving features of EMS Field Bridge™.