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ImageTrend Elite

Webinar-based education to help you make the most of your system.

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ImageTrend provides a wide variety of educational offerings to help you get the most out of your system.

Quickly improve and expand your ImageTrend Elite™ skill set through educational webinars. Registration for all currently available webinars is below. Our education programs are designed to give you the tools to master the software and, more importantly, how to put it to work within your organization.

Note: When you finish registering for a webinar, you will see a confirmation page with the option to add the event to your calendar. If your organization's spam filter frequently catches emails that you might want, we recommend that you use the link to add the event to your calendar immediately. The calendar invite will have the login information for the webinar in case your confirmation email gets caught in your spam filter.

To attend, you will need access to a computer with an Internet connection, speakers or headphones and (optionally for implementation webinars) a microphone.

ImageTrend Elite Educational Webinars

The instructor-led educational webinars focus on a variety of topics, from learning to use core Elite tools to getting started with lesser-known modules to mastering complex tools or skills. Our live sessions give you the opportunity to interact with the instructor and ask questions. Additionally, these sessions are recorded and available on demand through ImageTrend University.

You can view the dates and signup information for a live webinar below. To check out on-demand sessions, open ImageTrend University through Elite under Community > Help/University. 

All About Checklists

Learn how to set up, maintain and use the Checklist module in Elite. This introductory webinar will walk through what the Checklist module is and how it can help your agency before diving into the various aspects of setup (including permissions, resources, and using Checklist Manager to import or create your checklist templates). Additionally, we will cover how to schedule checklists for end users to complete them and how Checklist is used day-to-day in completing and reviewing the checklists you put into place. This session is an introduction to the module that does not require any previous experience with the Checklist module, although you will benefit from a basic familiarity with navigating and using Elite. The majority of the content in the webinar will require agency administrator permissions, or other advanced permission groups that allow you to configure the tools and resources related to checklists.

Setting Up and Using CQI for EMS and Fire

Learn all about the CQI module, from setup to everyday use. This webinar will walk through setting up the CQI module for reviewing both EMS and fire incidents, including permissions, CQI form templates, CQI questions, CQI reports, CQI reviews, CQI rules, and setting users up as reviewers. Next, we will dive into how a reviewer would use the CQI resources you set up to perform incident reviews, including the different between CQI reports and reviews and when to use each, how to review incidents, CQI review statuses, and responding to reviewer comments inside incidents. The setup content in the webinar will require agency administrator permissions, or other advanced permission groups that allow you to configure the tools and resources related to CQI. The reviewer content in the webinar will require your user profile to be set up as a CQI reviewer.


System Administrator Training for Transitioning to NEMSIS 3.5

Please join us and see what you can expect during your agency's transition to the new NEMSIS 3.5 reporting standard.

Agency system administrator education for NEMSIS v3.5 will be broken up into several parts, allowing you to learn and complete the setup required for your agency in stages. Each session will be offered multiple times throughout the year, allowing you to proceed at the pace required by your state and agency's needs. We recommend attending only one session a month, allowing yourself time to complete the setup tasks covered in that month's education before proceeding to the next session.

Part 1 Includes: An overview of questions you should consider before beginning the v3.5 transition, an overview of what is different in NEMSIS v3.5 and how it will affect your system, the resources available to you, how to turn NEMSIS v3.5 on, the functionality available in Dataset Manager to support v3.5 updates, and details about setting up forms for v3.5.

Part 2 Includes: A deeper dive into many of the settings and tools that your agency will need to update to achieve NEMSIS v3.5 compliance. We will cover how to update validation rules, preset values, auto narrative templates, print reports and CQI forms.


Knowledge Prerequisite

A working knowledge of Dataset Manager, Form Manager, Validations and Data Exchange.

Please note that this webinar is not intended to teach the basics of Elite Administration; it is for current administrators to learn about the NEMSIS 3.5 Standard and the process of their agency transitioning to it.


Elite Permissions Required

Edit rights to System / Agency > Agency Tree

Edit rights to Dataset Manager including the Demographic Dataset, EMS Incident Dataset, NEMSIS Demographic Mapping, NEMSIS Event Mapping

Form Manager: On and Yes rights for Add, Activate/Inactivate, Copy and Delete EMS Forms

Preset Values: On and Full rights for EMS Preset Values

Validation: Full rights

Library On: Yes rights for Import EMS Validations, Publish EMS Validations, Publish EMS Forms, Import EMS Forms, Import Schematron Files

Auto Narratives: Edit rights

Print Report Manager: On and Yes rights to Add EMS Print Reports

EMS CQI Form Manager: Edit rights

Help/University: Yes rights


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