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Arizona, ImageTrend Deliver Hospital Outcomes Data to EMS

LAKEVILLE, MINN. [December 10, 2015] – ImageTrend announced it has collaborated with the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) in delivering hospital outcomes reporting to EMS agencies across the state. Using ImageTrend’s secure reporting platform, agencies can tap into the discharge data from patients they transported. The agencies can then determine if the initial impressions justified review of protocol and additional education. “EMS Agencies can use this integrated data provided by the state in many ways. It’s especially beneficial as it is difficult to receive patient outcome data from each hospital, explains Rebecca Haro, Health and Medical Coordinator, North County Fire and Medical District. “It is being used to change actions to improve patient care, whether through quality assurance, training or protocols.”

Prior to this reporting, EMS agencies would need to individually request each receiving hospital send them available outcomes data, a process that was very time-consuming, if even possible. Additionally, agencies are able to improve operations and promote local initiatives, including community paramedicine programs.

“The new method reduces the strain on personnel resources and gives measurements that each agency can use for improvement,” explained Rogelio Martinez, Data and Quality Assurance Section Chief at ADHS. Martinez illustrated how reporting available through ImageTrend’s Report Writer allows an agency to determine if its providers assigned the appropriate level of triage regarding stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI) and provided the optimal treatment prior to arrival at the emergency department. This helps the agency to determine if additional training might be warranted to better recognize and treat specific conditions.

“Arizona’s vision and leadership is impressive,” remarked Joe Graw, Vice President of Client Services at ImageTrend. “ImageTrend is proud to collaborate with them to deliver outcome information back to EMS providers to improve the quality of care, as well as sharing scientific evidence and trends.”

Moving forward, ADHS sees additional opportunities to do more with collected data by integrating with other data silos soon. “The data is there; we just need to be able to tap into it to create more knowledge,” Martinez observed.

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