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Billing Bridge™ Turns Two

ImageTrend’s Billing Bridge solution turned two years old this year. Over the past two years, the solution has progressed immensely and has helped users become more independent in their billing process, saving time and money along the way.

Since its debut during the 2013 ImageTrend EDS Conference, the solution has been shown to reduce claim rejections by as much as 80 percent. Ultimately, it has led to quicker reimbursement from payors and healthier bottom lines.

Part of the reason why Billing Bridge has been so successful is because of its ability to streamline the EMS billing process, improving accuracy with validation and saving time with automated processes that can be customized to optimize any workflow.

For any EMS agency that performs their own billing and claims, Billing Bridge provides a clear advantage over other solutions, yet allows you to retain complete control. One of the best attributes of the system is that any agency using ImageTrend Elite, EMS Service Bridge, Rescue Bridge or State Bridge for EMS incident reporting can easily integrate this billing solution.  


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