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Continuum: The Full-Time Employee You Don’t Have to Manage


Fire chiefs would rather test hose than deal with reports like Ambulance UHU reports, Effective Response Force times, and, of course, those monthly reports for city council.

And none of the above includes accreditation, which requires everyone to have finished their reports. Accurately. Then there’s the weeks dedicated to pulling the data, cleaning the data, and re-checking your calculations to make sure you did it right.

Plus, you must wait until you finish your calculations to know your numbers, meaning you can’t fix any issues because you don’t know they exist.

As they say on Shark Tank, there had to be a better way, other than hiring a full-time employee to handle it.


Meet Continuum: Effortless Management for Your Data Needs

ImageTrend Elite Fire comes with Report Writer out of the box. You can pull in every data point collected into tables, using over 400 prebuilt and fully customizable reports.

But the gap between data and action needs a bridge. That’s Continuum.

Continuum is the solution that delivers the information you need, when you need it. Whether you need insight into operational, surveillance, clinical, or performance improvement, Continuum keeps you on the pulse of your data.

“You don’t have to be an Excel Wizard to use Continuum. You click a button and it’s all there in a real-time graph.”
       – Rock Toone, 25-year veteran of Northern Utah Fire and now ImageTrend Strategic Advisor


Own Your Numbers with Ease

The quickest way to lose a Shark Tank deal is to not know your numbers. The quickest way to embarrass a deputy chief is to ask for his numbers without prep time.

That was because complicated metrics like the UHU require days of exporting records and a calculator.

But now that same deputy chief might get poached by Mark Cuban because he’ll be able to pull up a near real-time dashboard anytime, anywhere, to justify overtime or new hire budgets.

He’ll be able to identify trends and push for new training before the issue comes to a head. And the ever-elusive UHU will take as long as your browser takes to load.

No exports. No calculators.


Accreditation Takes Minutes

Those same dashboards simplify measuring the department’s Effective Response Force performance against its benchmarks throughout the year. And every other metric that is crucial for your standards of cover is just as easily displayed and tracked.

Plus, the maps allow the deputy chiefs to adjust how their departments deploy and cover to analyze the impact before implementing quality changes for the community.

But even more importantly for all the Excel non-wizards, they get to skip the grunt work. No pulling numbers and parsing spreadsheets for days and weeks during the self-assessment stage.


Your New Employee is a Pretty Good Manager

The dashboards are reliant on one thing: Data entry.

Obviously, Continuum can’t crunch numbers that aren’t there. Whether the missing reports are due to laziness or time-strapped employees, we all need to be reminded sometimes.

That’s where Continuum’s monitors come into play.

These dynamic subscriber lists identify reports that aren’t completed within a preset time (e.g. 24 hours) and send a reminder email to the author to get it done. And if the report stays unfinished for another preset timeframe, then another email is sent, this time with the author’s supervisor looped in.


Share Oversight Reports Once. Forever.

Finally, nobody enjoys obligatory oversight emails to report on how things are going. It’s a time-eating task that generally doesn’t benefit the sender.

We don’t like unnecessary emails either. That’s why we built out the playlist feature.

In short, a playlist includes all the reports that need to be sent to a city council or anyone else. These are all accessible via a single link that can be emailed with reports that refresh automatically, meaning they’ll be able to click the same link at any time to see updated data.

Send it once. That’s it. That nagging task is done for good.


How Would You Like to Handle Your Reporting

Unless you’re the rare firefighter who’d rather live in Excel, Continuum is here to make your job—and life—easier.

Once you’ve migrated to ImageTrend or added on Continuum, you’ll:

  • Know your numbers without pulling or parsing data,
  • Share that data with oversight committees automatically, and
  • Stay on top of reporting management without opening your RMS.


Ready to make your life easier and your community safer? Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more.

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