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Dallas Fire-Rescue to Launch with ImageTrend Elite

LAKEVILLE, MINN. [May 7, 2019] - ImageTrend, Inc. is proud to announce that Dallas, Texas has chosen the company’s solutions for its EMS records system. The city, which is the 9th largest in the US by population and part of the 4th most populous metropolitan area in the US, will receive ImageTrend’s web-based Elite EMS and offline-capable Elite Field. The agreement also includes training to help accelerate rollout to approximately 2,000 crew members.

“Dallas Fire-Rescue is excited to deploy the new EMS software we’ve acquired through ImageTrend,” said DFR Deputy Chief of EMS, Tami Kayea, when asked about the transition. “The new system will allow us a degree of customization we’ve not seen before. As our city has expanded, the capabilities of our EMS system have evolved to reflect that growth. Combined with the new software, our record keeping will better reflect the diversity of that system.”

The scalable Elite system proved to be a clear winner for the needs of the department and crew. ImageTrend also has experience in large-scale rollouts including the Houston Fire Department and statewide EMS systems.

“We are very pleased that Dallas Fire-Rescue chose ImageTrend and look forward to being their data partner for the excellent care they provide in the community,” said Mike McBrady, President and CEO of ImageTrend.

ImageTrend Elite works on a variety of platforms, including Apple iPad, Android tablets and Windows PCs. Based on the NEMSIS version 3 data standard, it also has extensive interoperability capabilities. When combined with ImageTrend Health Information Hub, data can be shared with hospitals in HL7 format and provide outcomes data to EMS services for quality improvement. More information on Elite is available at

About ImageTrend, Inc. ImageTrend, Inc. is dedicated to connecting life’s most important data in the healthcare and emergency response community. ImageTrend delivers software solutions, data analytics and services for EMS, hospitals, community paramedicine (CP), critical care, fire, and preparedness to enable fully integrated patient-centric healthcare and public safety. ImageTrend’s commitment to innovation, its clients, and providing world-class implementation and support is unsurpassed. Based in Lakeville, Minn., ImageTrend combines business analysis, creative design and data driven architecture to offer scalable solutions and strategies for today and the future.

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