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Five Ways Data Sharing Makes a Difference

Each facility in the healthcare and emergency services field is frequently a silo, with little sharing of patient care data. Sharing data among hospitals and services helps each understand the effect their care has on the outcome of the patient. ImageTrend Hospital Hub facilitates this data exchange, allowing hospitals to view ePCRs from multiple sources and send outcome data back to EMS.


How does Hospital Hub influence data sharing?

  1. Medics have access to a patient’s medical history, enabling better care in the field.
  2. ePCRs are transmitted electronically to the receiving hospital. The hospital is then able to prepare the resources needed before arrival.
  3. Shared ePCRs are transmitted electronically to the hospital’s EHR – saving time and reducing data entry errors.
  4. The hospital and EMS data is combined into a single record that can be submitted for billing and to the state.
  5. Data of the patient’s outcome is shared to stakeholders, such as the state, EMS unit and transport unit, allowing for overall situational awareness. Services are also able to evaluate quality of care in the field, monitor trends and report more thoroughly.


Hospital Hub is a resource to make safe, easy data sharing a reality for healthcare and emergency services organizations. If you’re ready to explore a collaboration with the organizations in your area, Hospital Hub can help make the logistics easy.


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