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Interoperability in Action: Reduce Door-to-Treatment Times & Improve Patient Outcomes

Seamlessly integrated healthcare solutions substantially reduce door-to-treatment times by 40 to 50 minutes when incorporating prehospital registration and incoming patient alerting. A demonstration during the HIMSS24 Interoperability Showcase focused on a high-level workflow scenario, showcasing the practical application and interoperable capabilities when using such solutions.

The scenario, demonstrated by ImageTrend, involves a patient who is transferred from Hospital A to Hospital B via EMS after a motor vehicle accident.

  • During this transfer, EMS sends a pre-registration alert to expedite care upon arrival. This information is updated and sent back to EMS once the patient arrives at the hospital, eliminating the need for manual data collection.
  • As EMS documents their care via ImageTrend Elite™, the ePCR is automatically sent to Hospital B via the company’s Health Information Hub™ (HIH) as a CCDA (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture) with a legal PDF. This file is automatically added to the patient's current medical record in the hospital's EHR, further streamlining the process.
  • Once the patient is discharged, outcome data is automatically sent back to EMS and to the ImageTrend trauma registry system to create a record of the hospital stay. Hospital A, the sending facility, creates a record inside Patient Registry™ and sends that information to Hospital B.
  • Hospital B completes their trauma record, and outcome information is automatically sent back to Hospital A and EMS, including elements that were not part of the EHR outcome data, such as the Injury Severity Score (ISS).

The demonstration of ImageTrend solutions at HIMSS24 provides comprehensive insight into the seamless interoperability of healthcare data, highlighting the potential for improved efficiency and patient care. With this demonstration, software solutions such as those by ImageTrend aim to set new standards in healthcare interoperability, ensuring that patient data is accessible, accurate, and secure, ultimately enhancing the delivery of care and patient outcomes.

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