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Managing Data in the Department of Corrections

ImageTrend Elite is designed to provide flexibility to develop exceptional solutions  including one developed by ImageTrend’s custom solutions team. The Minnesota Department of Corrections/MN.IT presented a new challenge by seeking a software solution that would go beyond compliance and become a customized long-term, configurable solution for the state.


In June 2015, the State of Minnesota Department of Corrections (MN.IT) contracted with ImageTrend to architect, design and develop a data collection and reporting solution to assist in the ongoing Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) compliance of their correctional facilities. In an effort to protect state prison inmates from sexual abuse, the federal Department of Justice published a report in 2012 outlining requirements to report data on all sexual abuse cases within the state prison systems.


After evaluating development options, ImageTrend chose to leverage its proprietary Elite application framework to build a configurable and mobile-friendly enterprise solution in conjunction with the PREA dataset. With the help of the MN Department of Corrections/MN.IT, progress continues on the project timeline. The system is set to go live at the end of 2015.


Do you have a unique challenge? ImageTrend’s custom solutions team develops leading-edge solutions that fit your individual needs. With the right mix of technology, innovation and experience, ImageTrend partners with you to provide your right solution. 


*Disclaimer: This article does not constitute explicit nor implied endorsement by clients identified in this story.


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