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Resource Bridge™ Captures New CDC COVID-19 Data Fields

LAKEVILLE, MINN. [June 10, 2020] - ImageTrend, Inc. announced Resource Bridge has been updated to accommodate the rapid evolution of the CDC National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) to improve their COVID-19 module for Acute Care Hospitals with the addition of 11 new data collection fields. These additional data fields work to enhance the information received by the NHSN, which has proven beneficial for preparedness and response activities on a local and national level. ImageTrend completed the required development and testing by June 5, the date the NHSN began collecting these new data fields from hospitals.

All Resource Bridge sites that use the NHSN import widget to aggregate statewide data have been updated, allowing system administrators to forward that information to the CDC NHSN. Additionally, system administrators, who have the option of capturing the COVID-19 information, have been notified that the CDC NHSN updates are available in their system, which can be updated prior to planned releases.

“ImageTrend is an agile and dynamic software partner who is pleased to actively work and collaborate within the healthcare space to ensure our clients have the tools they need for the COVID-19 pandemic,” commented Craig Rees, Product Manager at ImageTrend.

ImageTrend will continue to follow the guidance outlined by the CDC NHSN and work diligently to align with their submission requirements. For any questions about the updates or your Resource Bridge site, please contact

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