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Rural FPD Makes the Most of Good, Clean Data

Fire Chief Bruce Evans implements the high standard of clean data without any excuse of being in a rural area. As a frontier EMS service provider, Upper Pine River Fire Protection District in Colorado uses the data they collect to make better decisions and ultimately save more lives. Evans has utilized ImageTrend data to make decisions on placing equipment and staffing in a 256 square mile region to deliver better service. They utilize some of the latest technology, including waveforms from their integrated EKG monitors, and have 99.5% of their charts with 100% validation! As a rural fire protection district they submitted to the NHTSA data project that was created to see if data could be retrieved to make decisions. Upper Pine’s data quality actually surpassed the urban departments in the project. This demonstrates that rural EMS is not a barrier to collecting good data. Creating a culture that values the accuracy of documentation and utilizing ImageTrend’s validation rules helped the district reach their goal. To offer an even greater benefit, the system is also connected to the hospital so the trauma coordinator can access their data. ImageTrend’s solutions promote interoperability among care providers for Truly Connected Healthcare Data. The Upper Pine River FPD truly exhibits what can be done with clean data, and how it can benefit any area in multiple ways.

Documenting All Care

The Upper Pine crew was doing a standby on the Fourth of July when the crowd assembling at the fireworks display forced this new fawn to be spooked and go into the lake. The water is very cold even in July and this little guy struggled immediately. The police and fire patrol boat plucked it from the water and brought it to shore where the Upper Pine ambulance crew warmed it up (see photo). The crew created a service call report for this using ImageTrend’s solution. The Department of Wildlife was able to locate the mother and she came back to the original location where the fawn was spotted nesting in the brush. After aiding the fawn, it was released back into the wild with its mother.

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