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Shedding Light on Mental Health Challenges Faced by First Responders

The Call We Carry: Confronting PTSD in the Fire Service

The documentary "The Call We Carry" shines a spotlight on the overlooked mental health crisis among first responders, with a specific focus on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the fire service. The film started off as a five-minute awareness video for Tacoma Firefighters but rapidly expanded into a more comprehensive project due to the growing need to address the mental health issues that emergency services personnel often face.

The documentary shares the personal experiences of four Tacoma Firefighters, delving into their narratives of pain, sacrifice and resilience. It presents a stark picture of the psychological burden these brave individuals experience, due to the increasing volume of emergency calls they have to handle. The film discloses a shocking statistic: over 37% of first responders meet the clinical diagnosis for PTSD. Yet, due to prevailing cultural norms of strength and stoicism within the fire service, many of these cases go untreated or unrecognized.

Filmmaker Cody Shea, who himself has a personal journey with PTSD, is the driving force behind "The Call We Carry." Cody dedicated countless hours to filming and editing the documentary, demonstrating his selflessness and commitment to raising awareness about the mental health crisis among first responders.

Since its release, "The Call We Carry" has had a significant impact on the lives of first responders, reportedly saving lives by providing a lifeline of support and understanding. The film directly addresses the issue of PTSD among first responders, offering hope and empowerment to those who may have felt alone in their struggles.

One of the distinguishing features of the film is its accessibility. Acknowledging the urgency of the issue, the creators have made the film freely available on YouTube, allowing any first responder in need of its message to easily access it. The open sharing of the documentary has fostered a sense of community among first responders and has created a platform for dialogue and support.

The documentary was nominated for a ImageTrend Hooley Award, recognizing its significant contribution to addressing mental health within the fire service. This Hooley Award nomination, which celebrates innovators and thought leaders for their creativity, passion and contributions to innovation and excellence, underscores the filmmakers' dedication to raising awareness about a critical issue that affects the well-being and lives of numerous individuals.

As "The Call We Carry" continues to resonate with viewers, the hope is that it will spark much-needed changes in the fire service. The film aims to inspire open conversations about mental health issues and to challenge the prevailing culture within the service, advocating for better mental health support and recognition of the sacrifices made by first responders.

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