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Transforming Data Management and Flexibility with ImageTrend

In today’s healthcare industry, data-driven decision-making is essential for efficient operations and improving patient care. The Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) in Texas faced the challenge of achieving data flexibility to standardize and combine organization-wide data. With data analysis expertise and the desire to do more with their data, MCHD wanted to take their analysis to the next level without taking up too much manual and time-consuming effort. That's when they turned to ImageTrend Data Mart™.


What is ImageTrend Data Mart?

ImageTrend Data Mart is a star schema database solution that replicates ImageTrend datasets for deeper investigation. With Data Mart, MCHD integrated data from their ImageTrend Elite™ ePCR with other District systems to leverage third-party analytic tools. This provided MCHD with unparalleled data flexibility, allowing them to utilize various tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Stata and more.


Benefits Achieved

Data Mart enabled seamless integrations with other District systems, resulting in improved workflows and streamlined processes. Integrations to other systems are now possible, such as Google Maps for mileage verification, Webex messaging for time-sensitive alerts and email notifications for crew members. This integration capability enhanced communication, reduced manual effort and ensured accurate and timely information exchange among various systems.

By leveraging Data Mart’s reporting and integration capabilities, MCHD achieved significant resource savings. For instance, they saved approximately two FTE positions in the billing department due to improving current processes or having the ability to implement new automated processes that would have been costly in terms of human labor. Additionally, in the quality department, MCHD saved 20 person-hours per month by automating a previously manual KPI report. Furthermore, Data Mart empowered MCHD to streamline research projects and eliminate manual chart abstraction. With research projects, they saved dozens of hours of manual chart abstraction because they could now pull the exact data they wanted from various organizational system through Data Mart.


Main Takeaway

The use of Data Mart has transformed MCHD’s data management capabilities, leading to unprecedented data flexibility and realizing significant resource savings. View MCHD's full case study as an excellent reference for healthcare organizations looking to optimize their operations based on actionable insights derived from their data.

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