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ImageTrend Elite

Patient care documentation and reporting

ImageTrend Elite™ for EMS simplifies Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) with tools for documenting, managing and analyzing patient data.

Streamline CAD system imports, patient searches, hospital collaboration and revenue recovery for faster data entry, improved accuracy and to ultimately support patient-centric care.

NEMSIS 3.5 Collect Data Compliant Badge and NEMSIS 3.5 Receive & Process Compliant Badge

NEMSIS Compliant

Meet national and state reporting requirements with NEMSIS v3.4 and v3.5 compliance, in addition to capturing agency-specific information with Supplemental Questions.

ImageTrend Elite™ showing a historical EKG wavestrip image.

Historical EKG Images

Compare current 12-lead images to historical patient images. Observations and images can be shared with receiving facilities to determine the appropriate level of care.

ImageTrend Elite Field screenshot depicting Hospital Outcomes Notification displayed on a tablet

Hospital Outcomes Notifications

Elite’s notification system alerts users of important unread messages including patient outcomes. From this alert, medics can directly access the secure inbox to review their messages.

ImageTrend Elite form on a tablet (over the shoulder view)

Efficient Functionality

Save time on data entry and ensure complete, valid information is submitted for each patient and incident. Features like Event Visibility, Dynamic Power Tools™ and Situation Tools™ streamline workflows for care providers.

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Why Choose Elite For EMS

Unique industry-leading features, a collaborative user community and best-in-class support set Elite apart from other ePCR software.

Configurable barcode parser

Save time during patient handoffs and reduce manual entry errors with flexible code scanning. Automate the conversion of data to align with organization data requirements and workflows.

Workflow matching forms

Configure run forms to match workflows with drag-and-drop editing. Choose fields, display order and default answers for efficient documentation.

Centralized data collection

Manage fields, value ranges, validation and mapping for import/export data exchange. Activate or inactivate values and change labels for choices that appear in drop-down menus.

Collaborative Community

User-generated content from your peers can be shared with the Library. Find forms that others have found success with and share knowledge within the ImageTrend community.

Offline Documentation

Complete documentation without an internet connection with optional ImageTrend Elite Field™. Start and complete documentation of an encounter offline and submit when a connection is restored.

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