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ImageTrend Elite

Rescue – For EMS & Fire

A single solution for seamlessly connected electronic patient care reporting and fire records management.


ePCR software to document and report on the latest data standards in patient care, including version 3.5 when your state transitions.


Collect data and create reports for budgeting, grants, ISO accreditation, training and more with complete fire RMS capabilities.

Dynamic Reporting

The built-in ImageTrend Report Writer™ offers more than 160 pre-created reports and easy-to-use ad hoc reporting with advanced query capabilities.

EMS to Fire Workflows

Link EMS reports to fire incidents – eliminating duplicate entries – and configure forms to make quick work of common scenarios.

Patient-Centric Care

Import CAD data or perform patient lookups in the field for medical history, allergies and medications. Send prehospital information to hospitals electronically and receive outcome data from care facilities.

Fire-Focused Features

Create records for locations, occupants and inspections. Manage permit requests and conduct fire-related investigations. Visual preplans in active development.

Get started with a single solution for your EMS and fire data needs.

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configurable forms

Optimize workflows with configurable forms. Utilize drag-and-drop editing to choose the fields and display order for rapid data entry. Use default answers to save documentation time in routine situations.

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Centralized Data Collection

Take in-depth control of data fields, value ranges, real-time validation and mapping for import/export data sharing.

Real-Time Validation

Ensure complete forms and thorough documentation with validation scores. Navigate directly to incomplete fields within forms with just a click.

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The Library

Utilize and share user-generated content with peers from other departments. Find forms that others have found successful and share the wealth of knowledge in the ImageTrend community.


ImageTrend solutions work together seamlessly. Elite also integrates with other data systems, including billing exports, CAD and 3rd party scheduling solutions, to improve data accuracy and save time by avoiding duplicate data entry.

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Live Support

Submit a support question 24/7 online with Support Desk, a platform to quickly and easily ask a question without the need to call. Toll free phone support from our in-house team of experts is also included in your service agreement.


Lead data-driven operations

An available enhancement for transforming data into knowledge

Fire-focused analytics

Understand fire organization performance at-a-glance with near real-time maps, incident volume, response times, benchmarks and trends based on data in Elite with a worry-free integration.

As part of the Fire Content Package in Continuum, access Dashboards for Fire Board Reports, Fire Incident Performance, Fire Unit Performance and Fire Accreditation to stay on the cutting edge of effective fire safety.

Insights on EMS performance

Active Data Monitoring™ on the delivery and performance of emergency medical services to keep community stakeholders in-the-know.

As part of the EMS Content Package in Continuum, access Dashboards for At-Risk Populations, Core Measures, Crew Insights, Offload Times, Cardiac, Trauma, Stroke and over 10 additional predefined categories.

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