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Reporting Solutions

Reporting and Analysis Simplified

ImageTrend advanced visual analysis and reporting solutions facilitate the exploration of data, transforming information into intelligence.

Report Writer

Report Writer empowers administrators, data managers, analysts and others to gauge key performance indicators, trends, core measures, operational metrics, QA/QI factors and more. Report Writer is unrivaled in the industry and is included with all ImageTrend solutions.

Hundreds of standard reports are available, as well as easy-to-use ad hoc reporting to support your efforts of doing more with your data.

Schedule reoccurring reports & set frequencies

Available bulk exports with flexible export formats

Visual Informatics

Visual Informatics™ allows administrators and data analysts to quickly explore data through multi-dimensional data analysis techniques.

Chart and Tabular reporting tools are included with Visual Informatics as an add-on to ImageTrend Elite™ and other ImageTrend products and solutions. Visual Informatics reports are easily sharable among other ImageTrend solutions saving time on report creation and manual exports.

Mapping and Reporting System (MARS)

Expand data reporting and understanding to include mapping techniques using MARS™. MARS delivers the ability to augment your reporting experience to view geospatial information to see trends, outliers and insightful geographical patterns related to where your operations perform services.

Take your analysis further by using MARS to determine care levels, care proximity and the types of care being provided in selected areas.

Data Mart

ImageTrend Data Mart assists in making more informed decisions and showing stakeholders how good data helps improve patient outcomes and operations. Data extracted from your ImageTrend product transactional databases are transformed into a format that is designed and tuned for optimum reporting and analysis.

Data Mart follows a well-known Star Schema design pattern, which is a widely used database data structure optimized for fast reporting and analysis.


Continuum® is an Active Data Monitoring™ solution designed to make monitoring your system easy. Continuum analyzes the data within your system as it is added or updated to provide you with notifications and easy-to-view charts, tabular reports and maps based on the data you need without requiring you to build reports or manually check your system.

Domains and Dashboards

Alerts and Notifications


Predefined Analytics

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