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ImageTrend Slate™

ImageTrend Slate™ is a standalone operations management solution that meets the needs of all sizes of departments and agencies. Starting with an intelligent crew scheduling engine, Slate optimizes and streamlines your operations and can also be integrated with ImageTrend Elite™ for seamless, bidirectional updates.


Powerful, Flexible Scheduling

Engineered for flexibility, Slate does not limit you to one profile or just a few workflows. Multiple schedule types and sub-groups can be utilized in a singe solution with workflows that are defined by your department. You get unlimited:

  • Time off requests
  • Shift trades
  • Work requirements
  • Work conditions
  • Seniority lists
  • Fill rules


Empower your department to track and schedule non-employee personnel such as interns, ride-a-longs, students and others you want to add to your roster.

Direct Shift Award

Award open shifts to the most appropriate or qualified personnel based upon department defined fill rules.

We have been excited to work with ImageTrend’s new scheduling software solution, Slate. This EMS scheduling program offers great reporting tools and the added benefit of integration with the ePCR. Working with their development team has been a great process, as the Slate team is looking to innovate and collaborate with the future in mind!

- James Campbell, NRP, Chief of EMS | Montgomery County Hospital District

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