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Research is creating new knowledge.

– Neil Armstrong

Research that matters

ImageTrend enhanced its data analysis solutions by establishing a Clinical and Research Services Team to better serve customers and public health, public safety, and emergency response industries. Not only does this team provide insight into ImageTrend’s solutions, but also bridges the gap between data collection and a need for industry-wide research.

Our Clinical and Research Services Team is passionate about the use of data and wants to be a part of improving the industries we serve by providing essential research, identifying trends and benchmarks.

ImageTrend believes that capturing clean data is good. Doing something with it is better.

ImageTrend Collaborate

ImageTrend Collaborate™ aggregates de-identified, data to perform research, identify trends, benchmarks and drive public health awareness for the good of our communities.

Collaborate is a research and analysis program developed by ImageTrend that is dedicated to the enhancement of healthcare and public safety industries. Collaborate provides insights and a higher-level awareness through industry-leading research. Collaborate utilizes a vast set of de-identified data sources including clinical, operational, licensing/credentialing, system of care registries and patient outcomes.


An important focus and commitment of the team is CrewCare™, a free mobile app designed to assist first responders in their mental well-being. CrewCare was created in response to the growing concerns around mental health and designed to gain insight into the stressors and life factors of first responders in EMS, fire, dispatch, law enforcement, military and most recently added, healthcare workers.

Research Partners

Engaging the ImageTrend Community and organizations to further research is part of the mission of the Clinical and Research Team. Reach out to learn more on how we can work on research together.

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