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ImageTrend Collaborate

ImageTrend Collaborate™ is a research and analysis program dedicated in providing vital insights into clinical, operational, licensing/credentialing, systems of care registries and public health data for the enhancement of EMS and the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry, specifically EMS, has a vast number of data sources including electronic patient care records (ePCR). These underutilized data sources provide insights to make informed data-driven decisions.

Collaborate brings together de-identified data to reach higher levels of awareness, including:

Spread of Public Health Issues and Epidemics

Opioid Crisis, Influenza, COVID-19, At-risk Populations and Vaping Related Illness/Injury


Call Volume, Dispatch Reasons, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Usage, Incident Dispositions and Patient Outcomes

Established Benchmarks

Ambulance Patient Offload Times (APOT), EMS Compass, National EMS Quality Alliance (NEMSQA) Quality Measures and Core Measures

ImageTrend Collaborate™ Reports

ImageTrend Collaborate™ Quick Facts Report

Lights and Sirens Usage Across the Nation

The Collaborate Quick Facts are designed to provide rapid insights and awareness of key topics that relates to patient care, crew safety and operations management in the prehospital setting. These reports are supplemental information to inspire departments and others in the industry to evaluate their own data and how they compare against national data trends.

Lights and Sirens utilization in the prehospital setting can be one of the most dangerous actions taken during an incident not only to the responding crew, but also to the communities they service.

The usage of lights and sirens has a purpose, but the data suggests that the industry over utilizes these modes. National organizations, such as National EMS Quality Alliance (NEMSQA), have established quality measures to monitor the usage and the adoption of dispatch triage systems continue to bring awareness and ensure appropriate response modes based upon patient condition.

ImageTrend Collaborate™ Short Reports

The Collaborate Short Reports are designed to provide a snapshot of data insights on relevant topics that relate to patient care, crew safety, operational management, and public health. They highlight and summarize key analysis and findings to drive industry awareness, validation, and more in-depth research.

Young Pediatric Prehospital Emergent Respiratory Incidents

ImageTrend Collaborate Data shows respiratory-related incidents account for over 18% of emergent EMS incidents for children under the age of 5 last week (Week 45), almost a 40% increase from just 5 weeks ago and over a 30% increase before the COVID-19 Pandemic during the same week. Suspicion is RSV and Influenza are driving the increase.1-2

Interactive chart: hover over (mouse) or tap on (touch screen) a line in the chart to view specific data points. Use the control sliders below the chart to narrow or expand the time period being viewed in the chart.


*ICD-10 Codes J00-J99

Total emergent young pediatric (<5 years) incidents: 453,120

Total respiratory-related emergent young pediatric (<5 years) incidents: 47,092

Timeframe:  1 Jan 2018 – 12 November 2022




ImageTrend Pre-hospital Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI) and Covid-19-Like-Illness (CLI) Incidents

* ImageTrend Collaborate™ Influenza-Like-Illness inclusion criteria from provider impressions or symptoms: acute bronchitis, common cold, COVID-19, influenza, pneumonia, SARS, or at least 2 impressions/symptoms from 2 different categories of fever, respiratory symptoms, or other cold symptoms.

** References:


Updated: April 18, 2023

Participate in Nationwide Research

As your organization takes part in the Collaborate program, ImageTrend’s Clinical and Research team will be available to provide additional analysis on multiple topics related to your organization and the industry as a whole. We dive into research topics like pediatrics, community paramedicine, critical care, opioids, violence, trauma, and other urgent topics affecting communities.

Your state or organization will be contributing to advancing prehospital care and healthcare at large, to improve patient handling and outcomes. Research is valuable for all, but this is only possible through a collaborative effort.

Opt-in to compare your data against the national Collaborate dataset

Achieve better insight on national trends and performance

De-identified dataset is in accordance with the HIPAA Safe Harbor Provision

Meet the Team

Douglas Butler Jr.
Director of Strategic Development

Douglas Butler Jr. began his EMS career in 2003 and has worked throughout the State of California. He has filled many roles including EMT, Paramedic, FTO/Paramedic Preceptor, EMD/EFD Certified 9-1-1 Dispatcher, EMS Educator, Regional Faculty (AHA) and Clinical Manager. As a Clinical Manager for AMR, Doug discovered his passion for data and quality improvement which led to his position as Data Systems Manager for Coastal Valleys EMS Agency, a multi-county EMS regulatory entity. He is currently a Director of Clinical Services for ImageTrend. Doug has implemented multiple ImageTrend platforms for CVEMSA and served as data consultant for REACH Air Medical’s ImageTrend system. Doug is a second generation paramedic and when not working is often camping with his dog Medic.

Morgan K. Anderson
Research Manager & Epidemiologist

Morgan joined the ImageTrend team in January 2017. She graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2011 with a Master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis in epidemiology. Prior to coming to ImageTrend, Morgan spent 5 years with the Army Public Health Center Injury Prevention Department. In addition to working with clients, she plays a key role in refining ImageTrend’s Active Data Monitoring™, further expanding the monitors and topical content available for Continuum®, and publishing findings for scientific advancement. Her most recent work includes analyzing the Collaborate data and publishing a report on the findings, and developing the content and managing the data collected for CrewCare, a mental health awareness app for first responders. Morgan has research published in JEMS, American Journal of Preventative Medicine, The American Journal of Sports Medicine, Public Health, Military Medicine, and others. Morgan was named as an EMS10 Innovator in 2018, which recognizes industry influencers who have introduced significant innovations in EMS in the past year. She enjoys spending her free time with family, fishing, camping, hiking and volunteering with retired racing greyhound rescues.

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