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Data Sharing

Interoperability is crucial to improving experiences and outcomes.

ImageTrend delivers the opportunity to share data and optimize operations and insight. We understand there isn’t a one size fits all solution to connecting the world around us and will work with your stakeholders to elevate the experience for everyone and deliver efficiencies.

Explore our solutions designed for system interoperability.

Health Information Hub

Health Information Hub™ (HIH) facilitates the automatic, bi-directional exchange of data. HIH offers flexible exchange methods to help you connect EMS, hospitals, HIEs and your community, as well as on demand queries in the field.

Hospital Hub

Hospital Hub™ streamlines communication between first responders and hospitals. Hospitals access prehospital data, prepare for incoming patients and EMS services receive outcome data.


In addition to offering NEMSIS version 3 data and NFIRS standard compliance, Elite™ offers patient lookup in the field, Telehealth, community paramedicine, billing insurance information, viewable notifications of outcomes and the world of connected healthcare.

License Management

License Management™ helps governing agencies manage the licensing process most efficiently. With integrations to the National Registry, states that participate in the EMS Compact have the ability to report updated EMS personnel licensing data.

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