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ImageTrend Elite

For Fire

Everything you expect and more to manage fire operations, document incidents and conduct inspections.


ImageTrend Elite™’s NFIRS 5.0 data collection and built-in tools are designed for the reports you need for budgeting, grants, ISO accreditation, training and more.


The Locations / Occupants / Inspections module lets you record data in this cloud-based system. Update and reference records from virtually anywhere with an internet connection or choose optional offline Elite Field Inspections.


Manage a location's permit requests and documentations with this module, available as an extension of the Locations / Occupants / Inspections module.


This module allows your investigators to document all aspects of a fire-related investigation, including such things as witnesses, evidence grids and weather related information.


A wealth of other modules are available for Elite Fire and Elite Rescue, including preplanning, permits, checklists, hydrants, training & activities, maintenance and inventory.


Report Writer, included, offers more than 160 pre-created reports and easy to use ad hoc reporting with advanced query capabilities. Enhance awareness with optional Continuum® for information delivered when and where you want it - without building reports.

Get Started with ImageTrend Elite as Your Complete Fire RMS Solution.

Document with a Data Cog IconNot all fire departments collect data the same. Create your own forms to optimize your department’s workflow using ImageTrend Elite’s Form Manager. Utilize drag-and-drop editing to choose the fields and order of display for rapid data entry. Use default answers to save documentation time in routine situations.

clock with checkmark iconElite’s real-time navigation helps you complete forms. Click on the validation score to see what fields are incomplete or failing validation and click to instantly navigate directly to the field within the form.

Server with a cog that represents data iconTake in-depth control with centralized management of your fields and Plus-One codes, their value ranges, validation and mapping for import/export data exchange. The Data Manager lets you activate or inactivate values and change the labels for any choice that appears in a drop-down menu.

Calendar with a checkmark iconPerform truck checks, station checks and track daily duties in a checklist format to ensure duties are being performed for a well-prepared crew.


Screwdriver and wrench iconAllocate resources and track vehicle maintenance and fleet status with our enhanced Inventory and Maintenance Module.


Computer monitor iconManage your continuing education hours, trainings, and certification classes with our Training & Activities Module. Build your own data entry forms with our Form Manager and configure your categories, topics, certifications, courses/event types for any continued education topic needs.

Pencil and checkbox iconWhen validation isn’t enough, enhance your department's documentation standards and perform continuous quality improvement to provide feedback reports to authors.

Server with cloud iconImageTrend Elite’s available Data Mart option enables researchers and analysts to delve into the data collected via your Elite system. The Data Mart can be queried using any industry-standard business intelligence tools such as Crystal Reports, SAS and Tableau, or any other tool that can connect to a Microsoft SQL Server Database. It also can serve as a powerful tool in connecting and combining Elite data with other internal data sources.

closed book iconUser-generated content from your peers in other departments can be shared with the Library. Find forms that others have found successful and share the wealth of knowledge in the ImageTrend community.

two puzzle pieces connecting iconImageTrend’s solutions work together seamlessly, including a bidirectional integration with ImageTrend Slate™ for scheduling and operations management. Elite also integrates with other data systems, including CAD and 3rd party staffing/scheduling solutions, to improve data accuracy and save time by avoiding duplicate data entry. ImageTrend has experience integrating major scheduling solutions including major CAD vendors such as:

  • ADSi
  • InterAct
  • Motorola
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Spillman
  • SunGard OSSI
  • Central Square
  • ZOLL

exclamation point as an iconImageTrend Elite Fire comes with pre-built validation rules for NFIRS 5.0, and Elite Rescue also includes EMS incident rules. Add more validation rules as needed to fit your extended data set or department's operations needs - all configurable by your system administrator. Elite’s real-time navigation also helps you complete forms. Click on the validation score to see what fields are incomplete or failing validation and instantly navigate directly to the field within the form.

support person with phone headset iconSubmit a support question 24/7 online with Support Desk. Support Desk provides a platform to quickly and easily ask a question without the need to call the support team. If any questions arise, the user is contacted via phone or email to ensure the process continues. There is also a toll-free support number to get in touch during business hours.

Small groupoing of the App Store icon, Android icon and Windows iconOne solution works on Android, iPad or Windows devices for a consistent user experience and IT flexibility. With the optional Elite Inspections Field module, you can even conduct inspections offline using the compatible device of your choice.

ribbon with checkmark icon

With optional ImageTrend Continuum®, get near real-time information based on your data within Elite. Measure progress toward your accreditation with automatic monitoring and alerts. Learn more about Continuum.

Secure, web-based access keeps your fire-related records up-to-date in a protected hosting environment.

ImageTrend has the available support and training your crew needs for maximum efficiency.

We are able to include helper text for our engine crews, which results in better inspections and happier customers. A wonderful feature and another reason we love, love, LOVE ImageTrend Software!

– Keith Tanner | Fire Marshal | City of Surprise Fire - Medical Department (AZ)

Favorite Features of Elite

Check out this video. In just a few minutes, you’ll learn how these powerful yet easy-to-use tools can help your crew to be faster and more accurate when documenting fire incidents or patient care.

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To ease the transition, ImageTrend provides the best support in the industry from in-house personnel – available by phone, web or email. The included ImageTrend University resources are another great way to learn more, and there are even a few free webinars and classroom education sessions for popular topics. 

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