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ImageTrend Elite Community Health

Our mobile integrated healthcare / community paramedicine clients span all types of programs. ImageTrend Elite Community Health™ works as a standalone solution or connected with Elite to deliver patient history, timelines and KPI dashboards that allow you to focus on providing patient-centric care. Its flexibility allows for a wide variety of programs such as high utilizers, post-discharge follow-up, substance abuse, veterans, CHF, diabetes and more.

Reporting and Analysis

Monitor progress and demonstrate improvements in your program. From patient progress to operational efficiencies to cost savings, analysis and reporting to stakeholders has never been more necessary – or easy. Create dashboards of key indicators to continue to drive efficiencies in your programs. With Elite Community Health, your documentation system is built with measuring effectiveness in mind.

Impact Score

Easily identify and assess possible patients in your EMS community with ImageTrend’s exclusive algorithm using data elements you routinely collect. Adjust thresholds in the Impact Score™ to assess new programs to implement in your community.

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Review prime candidates from the Impact Score list to enroll in specific care programs. Some care programs implemented through Elite Community Health include:  CHF, high utilizers, diabetic, mental health, COPD and more.

Case Management

Quality patient care with complete information is easy to manage with the tools in Elite Community Health. Easily configure worksheets and Dynamic Power Tools™ specific to the programs you offer. Past patient data and the Timelines™ features track vital information over many visits to all for cohesive care.

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