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ImageTrend Patient Registry

ImageTrend Patient Registry™ with TRAUMA, BURN, STROKE & CARDIAC


A comprehensive solution for level I & level II trauma centers and state agencies.

Collect and manage registry data for trauma, burn, stroke and cardiac within a single web-based system. Hospitals prefer ImageTrend Patient Registry for its flexible and dynamic nature, and ability to not only collect, but analyze and report on all data entered and shared with the system.

Connect Patient Registry with prehospital providers using ImageTrend Elite™ for patient-centric visibility to pre-arrival care and sending outcome data to transporting EMS agencies.

Why leading trauma centers choose ImageTrend Patient Registry.

Trauma management at Level I and Level II trauma centers demands precision and efficiency. ImageTrend Patient Registry offers an integrated solution to collect, manage, analyze and report trauma data seamlessly. Discover why leading trauma centers prefer our flexible and dynamic system.

  • Reporting helps hospitals identify trends in patient age, trauma type and origination of injuries.
  • Registry data can be used to develop targeted prevention and intervention strategies, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.


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Trauma Registry


ImageTrend Patient Registry simplifies National Trauma Data Bank's Trauma Quality Improvement Program (TQIP) compliance, providing the tools for excellence to trauma managers, directors, coordinators and registrars.

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Burn Registry

American Burn Association Compliance

Achieve American Burn Association compliance effortlessly. ImageTrend Patient Registry empowers you to seamlessly manage burn registry data alongside trauma data.

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Stroke Registry

Align with National Standards

ImageTrend Patient Registry ensures alignment with national standards, including the CDC Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Registry and the American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines® Stroke standards.

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Cardiac Registry

Streamlined Cardiac Management

Effortlessly manage pre-hospital and hospital cardiac data, covering STEMIs to cardiac arrests, all within the same comprehensive system supporting your trauma, burn and stroke registries.

One of the biggest selling points when we were evaluating ImageTrend was their reputation about being responsive with customer service and their yes mentality.

– Ben Gardiner, Gold Coast University Hospital | Gold Coast, Qld, AU

Product Key Features

Seamless Integration with EMS & HL7 Data

ImageTrend Patient Registry facilitates seamless integration with pre-hospital EMS data and your Electronic Health Records (EHR). Collaborate effectively with EMS agencies, gaining valuable insights into pre-hospital data while providing EMS agencies with critical outcome information.


ImageTrend Patient Registry ensures complete and accurate data collection with built-in validation rules. Required fields are marked with exclamation points for easy identification. Suggested fields are marked with asterisks.


Automatic Updates & ICD-10 and AIS Codes: As a fully web-based system, our registry automatically receives updates, eliminating downtime and manual updates. We are ready with updates to the NTDB Data Dictionary and state extensions every January 1st to ensure seamless data collection for previous and current years.


Create dynamic forms tailored to your team’s specific data collection and reporting needs. Customize field labels, add default values, remove unnecessary fields and group fields within sections for optimal efficiency.


ImageTrend Report Writer™ empowers you to dynamically generate, display and store reports. Schedule reports at regular intervals and distribute them by email to pre-defined recipients.

Questions about Patient Registry
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Automation helps to ensure that registry data is accurately collected and reported, and it can save time for trauma registrars. Patient registry is ITDX compliant, automating injury severity score (ISS) based on the diagnosis.

Real-Time Insights

Use key performance indicators, including COI (cause of injury), ISS (injury severity score) and MOI (mechanism of injury), to gain real-time insights from the centralized online dashboard.

Performance Improvement

ImageTrend Patient Registry’s built-in tools and reporting help Performance Improvement Nurses (PI Nurses) identify improvement opportunities and supports performance improvement and patient safety (PIPS) initiatives.

Enhance Patient Care

Clear reporting on collected registry data helps develop and implement quality improvement initiatives, improving patient care.

AIS & ICD-10 Codes

Staff can search AIS code or ICD-10 procedure and diagnosis codes either by the code or by text search, a benefit to new employees and enabling all staff to easily find needed information, even if they are unfamiliar with the coding system.


Maps showing the presence of Patient Registry in the United States and Australia

What You Can Expect Working with ImageTrend

Seamless Transition, Expert Support, and Continuous Learning

Seamless Transition of Your Current Patient Data: We specialize in helping you migrate data seamlessly from your existing system to ImageTrend Patient Registry.

Concurrent Data Collection: Easily collect data for previous and current years to meet NTDB requirements. Our built-in intelligence ensures a seamless user experience.

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